August weather

I’ve been to Orlando many times before but never visited in August. We are currently counting down the days as fly on Wednesday (!!!). The weather reports are showing rain everyday from 11am to late into the evening. Is anyone in Orlando? Is is really raining for most of the day? I was expecting short thunderstorms and rain storms but not rain all day…

I arrived Friday morning and it rained for a few hours last night. It was a light rain, we didn’t even put on our ponchos.


Even if it does, remember that so much of Disney is inside. So as long as you are prepared to walk from attraction to attraction in the rain, your trip will be fine!

This article made me feel much better about the prospect of rain.

I used it to gauge what attractions I may want to move to first thing in the morning if the rain forecast was still looking bad for the day and closures seemed likely.

It is a little outdated, so add 7DMT to that MK list

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No it doesn’t rain all day. It did sometimes rain for several hours quite heavily last year, but often it was just a bit of drizzle.

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I am counting on daily rain over Labor Day weekend. Last year I always made sure I had ponchos with me since it would be a sunny cloudless sky one minute and then boom- a thunder storm.

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Thanks - this was a useful link and I will certainly keep in mind the indoor attractions!

Thanks Jlyn - I think the weather tends to report on what could happen so its good to know its not raining all the time! Thank you

We had the same forecast on our weather apps last week. We had a first day that did have on and off rain, but even that wasn’t bad and cleared by 4pm or so.

Rest of trip had short pop up showers, one or two good quick soakings, otherwise beautiful (and HOT.)

Have a great trip!

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Remember that the forecast talks about the “chances” of “rain” - which could be a bit of a drizzle or a downpour. Assume there will be a brief t-storm every day mid to late afternoon, but “all day rains” are not that common unless it’s a tropical system moving through (and none of those brewing for next week). But after enduring 4 or 5 hours of a level of heat and humidity that will suck the will to live out of you, you might welcome the rain…

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