August Packages?

When do packages for August post for booking through either the Disney site or from magical vacations?

Packages for 2020 are available now.

Discounts for late summer/early fall travel will probably not be out until late spring at the earliest.

No idea when MVT will post their availability.

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MVT has their agency exclusives posted on their website, through Dec 17, 2020 at this time.

MVT already has.

It looks like nothing for August is up yet. I was wondering if they (MVT or DW) will post a late summer special that they have not already posted? It’s been a few years and I really want to get back.

MVT has one listed for August:

But perhaps you are looking for dates beyond that first week.

Yeah… Looking for late August. Third week the earliest. Thanks tho

[quote=“DocHopper, post:4, topic:66944”]
MVT already has.
[/quote]MVT already has.