August or July?

First trip. Kids will be 12 and 13. I booked aug 12-18 at boardwalk villas. I’m now second guessing august 12-18. I have a son with a neuromuscular disorder and will gatigue easily. He will have a wheelchair and DAS. But after an unseasonably warm day yesterday, and looking at crowd calendars, I am wondering if Early july or mid july is better for rain storms etc… i wanted a liwish crowd season, but aug 12-18 doesn’t look as low as I thought it may be. Any thoughts?

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Anything but July.

I think the weather might feel a bit less humid in August. July has been brutal lately.

As for crowds, your best bet is arrive early. If the park is opening at 8:30, be there at 8. That kind of early.

It’s also cooler. Even if the nights don’t cool much, the temperature is working up to unbearably hot by about 11 am to noon for sure.
Crowds begin to be noticeable by then as well.

We go to a cool resort lunch spot or back to our resort for feet up a.c. time.

After about 6 pm temps begin to moderate. Still warm, but cooling, rather than rising usually.

Bring fans, cooling towels, actual cold packs like for sports injuries, shade ponchos, and rain ponchos. Quick dry shoes.

I’ve been too hot nearly every month of the year.


They’re about the same in terms of humidity and temp

Perhaps slightly higher chance of Hurricane in August


The benefit of evening is even if it’s still warm/hot the sun is at least not beating down on you which helps too.


I wouldn’t change your plans based on a small chance of more tolerable weather. We went July last year and it was brutally hot. We had a blast but still. So. Hot.

We’ve been in August too. Also brutally hot. But the crowds in August were phenomenally low. We did go in 2021 - right before the 50th anniversary - so that might have contributed some to the crowds but it was pretty wonderful.


August 21st or something like that is the hottest week of the year in Orlando. But whether or not that makes much of a difference when both are hot as all get out…I’m just not really sure one will feel less bad. And the later in August you go the deader it is. They go back to school early in Florida (probably to get out of the heat!).

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THIS! I’ve been twice in August and it was hot but it was also much quieter. I’ve been in June multiple times and sometimes its just as hot as August and sometimes its better. Just hard to tell. I’d aim for the less crowds because then at least you’re not in outside lines as long. Try to plan your days to do outside things in the mornings and the evenings and either take breaks to swim, hang out in the room, visit your hotel arcade, or watch indoor shows at the parks after lunch thru 5 or 6pm when the sun starts to set.

*I will add I’ve been hot as all get out in October so you just never know with Florida.


Our trips are always July or August - July has been dryer for us. And I’d say less busy too, although we don’t do the very end of August which is when crowds really start to drop off.


Yes, we try to go the end of August as I believe the Florida schools are back and it’s noticeably quieter. But you do get the massive downpours in the afternoon - sometimes it’s done in 30mins which is great, sometimes it lasts a few hours which is less so… Not sure if July is any better in that respect though, and if you RD and do parks in the morning, finish at lunch etc (which is what we do) it doesn’t matter so much…

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Our August trips have been decidedly soggy. That’s why I went back to July last year, we hardly saw any rain.

I would stick with August. At least crowds might be more manageable.

For a variety of reasons our next trip is going to be that same week. We are planning to make sure we are in the parks in the morning and once it gets too hot to plan a resort break. Then depending on the rain, heat, humidity, etc we’ll go back to parks for the evening. I’m hoping that because Florida students are back in school it will be less crowded (and we avoid a hurricane).