August Memory Maker Share

I’m looking for an August MM share group during our 8/14 - 8/22 stay. Anyone else looking for a MM share with similar dates? Thanks!

My cousin maybe
looking for one. I think her dates are the first week of August. Are you going to lead the group?

I’ll be there 8/29-9/5 and would be interested.

I don’t mind leading the share, but I’m open to someone else doing it too. Either way works for me.

@Nikkipoooo Let me see if I can find others with closer dates. I’m not sure if I want to wait an additional two weeks after we get back!

Ok. My cousins dates are July 31st thru August 5.

Still looking for 3 others!

We’re pretty much going at the exact time! I’m in if you wouldn’t mind setting things up. I also wouldn’t mind having @Nikkipoooo join us to decrease the price…despite the week wait. Just let me know. Thanks!

Great, @Hi_Ho! What are your dates? I can set things up. Our group now has 4 people! I would like to hold off to see if we can get 1 more person other than Nikkipoooo if that’s ok with you. Her dates would mean we would have to hold off on our download for 2.5 weeks until around 9/7 give or take since we would need time to perform edits. Another group member is going earlier than us and I’m not sure he would want to wait more than 3 weeks for his pictures. No hard feelings, Nikkipoooo! :slight_smile: Let’s see if we can find 1 other person with closer dates!

Hi! I’m a newbie at this, how does a share work? We will be there 8/14-8/24.

Normally, the MM price is $150, but with a share of 5 families we can split the cost. With 5 families, it will be $30 each. I will setup a separate dummy MM account so all parties can login to perform picture edits. Each family has their pictures taken around the parks. After the last family has left the parks, I will perform the initial download. It is VERY important that no one does any downloads. The more downloads performed, the slower the account gets with editing and saving pictures. After everyone has completed logging into the dummy account and making their picture edits, I will then perform the second download. One side note - everyone in our share group will be able to see the other family’s pictures. Not really a concern for me, but it may be for others.

Very easy and so much cheaper! Let me know if you would like to join!

I forgot to post a link that another share group posted for more info:

There is also a $0.99 pdf guide on doing a Memory Maker share for those that want more detailed info, if interested.

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Hi! Do you still have room for one more? I realized I never added memory maker for our trip so I figured I would see if there were any shares open. We are there from August 14-23.

Yes, we have 1 spot left in our share. Can you send me a PM with your email address? Thanks!

If you have anyone who drops out please let me know our dates are August 26- Sept 4th.

We are full, but it looks like @Nikkipoooo and you have the same dates. Maybe you can start up another share?

Who is included in the share?