August 2021

Our family trip is currently planned for early July but due to scheduling conflicts, I think I am changing it to early August. With two kids in college and summer plans, I just can’t figure out another time to go.

How miserable will we be at Disney in August. We live in the south so we get the heat/humidity. Are parks going to be terrible?

Any advice is helpful!

I’ve done WDW in July but not August, but they are similar. Very hot in the morning, afternoon rainstorm, humid but cooler in the evening. It’s doable as long as you are aware going into it!

Also keep in mind that August is hurricane season, as rare as it is for WDW to be hit directly.

Great point about hurricane season. Living near the coast, we are always on alert for a storm. Thanks!

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I live in the U.K. so not really used to hot - a bit to humid - and we have been going early August. I’ve never found it miserable heat wise but we did have a lot of rain last time - I’m not talking 3pm shower, it sometimes started at lunchtime and carried on till morning.

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I see @missoverexcited answering and I think we both were in the parks in August 2019. I have often traveled Labor Day weekend and some years that has been the very end of August.

I will not lie. The sweat will drip down your face, and sting your eyes, if you try todo anything in the afternoon sun. Most likely it will rain every day. It is manageable and you will have a great time!


Between COVID vacations increasing and the 50th Anniversary, I’m not sure when it will be a good time to visit!

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I’m from Texas and we typically go in August (this year we are doing July because of band camp). I don’t find it awful, but it is surprising how much of the World is indoors. In the afternoon pre-covid, we do try to hit more movies / shows to get out of the sun for a bit. I am also a fan of a long, indoor lunch.

There is usually a shower in the afternoons. We use dark sky to monitor the weather, and try to be in an indoor line when the storms are coming. We carry ponchos with us all the time. The good news is rain often clears out the park, so if you can manage through it, you’ll be rewarded.


Thank you! Y’all are giving me hope! Now…if only WDW would run a room rate special. I have fantastic rates for early July and hate to give those up!


I don’t know if there really is a good time! At least not a best time. There are always pluses and minuses.

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I agree with this!! We’ve been in summer, fall and winter. All have pros and cons. We’ve been the last week in July/first week in August. It was crazy hot but it was also insanely hot in mid-October one year when we went so I think you just go expecting it to be sweltering and if it’s not you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

I will say, the summer storms clear out the air a bit and a couple of days after those storms it was actually pleasant out! I was shocked. Lol. And on our last full day it basically sprinkled lightly on us for 5 hours in MK. We had a blast and it felt amazing.


Some of those who posted trip reports in mid- to late-March had incredible weather and were ahead of the spring break crowds. That would have been the best time! However, the problem with spring is that the cold weather can come out of nowhere. Also if it rains, it tends to be the day-long rain rather than a quick afternoon cloudburst.

So that’s why there’s no best time - some times might be best, but can be spoiled by Florida’s unpredictable weather. You just have to be lucky.


We went for a week last August and are from Washington State. We are used to very mild summer temps with low humidity. A day in the 80’s is a hot day around here. We knew it was going to be miserably hot and humid going in, but we survived and even had a great time! Not going to lie, there were points each day where I hit a wall and thought - I can’t do this! We would find a place to rest and cool off and then I would be okay to move on. I did plan late lunch ADR’s inside with AC on everyday and those were lifesavers. Actually two days were QS but indoors. We needed a leisurely AC break. I would have loved to go back to the resort mid-day but the parks all closed so early that that wasn’t really an option. This August, it might actually be possible! RD and stay for a couple of hours, then go back and nap/swim/chill in the room, then go back to parks in the evening when the sun is not at its zenith!

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I’ve always likes late August because crowds are lower. It does tend to be very hot and humid, but we do the early mornings, then a midday break/pool time, then head back for the slower evening hours. With older kids you can hang for the later nights. I try to limit the times we follow a late night with an early morning.

Heavy rain is a possibility, but if there’s particularly tropical weather predicted I’ve found that just makes the crowds a little lower. One trip we went early because there was a tropical storm, possibly hurricane predicted, but it fizzled over the Caribbean and southern tip but sucked all the moisture out of the air so we had one day of rain and that was it. Another trip a hurricane actually made landfall just north of Tampa, and we had one night of bad winds and a full day of downpour and that’s when Crocs and dri-fit clothes really come in handy, because the parks were largely empty that day. As long as you can be flexible and your trip isn’t just a 3 day in and out affair then even a missed day for weather is mostly balanced out by the lower crowds.

We be did a late august trip 2019 and were mentally prepared for the heat. We had rest breaks at the hotel most days for the hottest hours but my favorite day we had a late afternoon ADR (4) and it was the best. It rained while we were eating and the crowds had lightened by the time we emerged from the restaurant.

The only time I remember being miserable was being in toy story land around 1-2 in the afternoon on a sunny day. I wouldn’t even pop into a shortish line for SDD because the heat was overwhelming. There really is no where to cool off in that section of HS.

In 2019 late August also meant we were able to do MNSSHP.


4pm dinner reservation is a great suggestion! Thank you!

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