August 2020 fast pass reservations

For those of you with trips coming up in August, have you gone ahead and made your fast pass reservations? Or are you waiting to find out if they’re moving to virtual queues, cancelling park hoppers in favour of a reservation system?

Can’t make them until June :wink:

*unless Club level.

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Our magical date is June 9! I am sure I will have fun booking them. Of course, it will be even more fun if we actually get to use them.

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My FPP date is the week after yours. Only going for a weekend and dont anticipate getting the best fast passes but all the same curious to know how you do so let us know :wink:

Signature Services are all furloughed now, so no CL fastpasses are being booked. Even for those within their 90 or even 60 day window. Once the staff return they will contact people in date order.


I have a July trip - I went ahead and made them best I could. Didn’t use a TP because it would be irrelevant. I just booked the earliest I could book for what I could find (slim pickings even at 60 days - I do have a short trip but still out of the ordinary slim). Figure safer to have them than to not, and in the meantime I’m having fun trying to modify (even though I may never get to use them).

ETA: I have a wild theory that FPPs will be irrelevant and we letting us book them is simply WDW’s way of getting us to commit to a park so they can manage capacity.

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Mine FP booking date is June 28th. I’ve just decided to roll with it. I’m not losing any sleep over availability or rule restrictions. There’s nothing I can do about it, so I’ll eagerly anticipate the booking date, and cross my fingers that COVID-19 is all over by the end of August. (gulp)

I could deal with that theory and that at least puts my mind at ease. My theory was about the same but wondering if there are not many of the most wanted FPP because they will implement virtual queue for those rides? :thinking:

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Mine too! Where are you staying in August? I’m at BLT then AKL-K (Did we already discuss this?)

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I guess I’m just wondering if it’s worth the effort. Our fast pass date is early June. We’ve booked FQ. Typically we’d park hop and I would plan my fast passes accordingly, all the while consulting crowd predictors, but now all of that is out the window. What’s your best guess, are we heading towards a virtual queue for everything or just in lieu of fast passes? Will park hopping even be a thing for the next few months?

This would have been our first trip with our young kids. If we lose all the Disney queue pre shows, fireworks, parades and character meets, it may not be worth going - I want their first Disney visit to have all the magic and if that means postponing until Summer 2021, I guess that’s what I’ll do. For context, we’re from Canada.

I would book just out of a better safe than sorry mindset. I would probably not consider parkhopping when booking, though. I would choose the park I want to spend most of my time in that day and book FPPs for it.

As far as time and ride selection, I would pick your top priority rides and book them for as early in the day as you can, depending on when you plan to arrive in the park.

Always worth the effort.

Better to have them and not end up using them than not have them and stand in line for forever

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We’re at AKL-J from Aug 27-Sept 4th. I don’t think we discussed it? IF we end up going…I’d love to say hello in person. :smile:

Mine is the same day. It won’t be over by then, but hopefully managed. Although I’m becoming less hopeful by the day the way certain states and many people are currently behaving.

Super cool! We will transfer over to AKL-K on 9/1 and will be there until 9/6 so we will definitely have to say hey and maybe enjoy a drink at Victoria Falls — assuming we get to go

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Where are you staying?

PoP 27th-30th, BLT 30th-2nd, BeachClub 2nd-5th. Supposed to be our first stays as DVC members, but my wife is very hesitant about traveling, for good reason, but it will have to be proven to be safe before she’ll go even if everything is open. We’ve talked about just doing a resort stay and maybe a party or two.

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I am at BLT 8/28-9/1! Lets TOWL if we get to go!!

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that would be awesome!

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