August 2019 Crowd Levels

I thought Touring plans had some overly optimistic crown level estimations for August.

And then when they came out with the August update a couple weeks ago, I couldn’t believe there would be so many CL1 & CL2 days in August.

Looks like the finally fixed the estimates yesterday. Things seem much more realistic now.

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I’m going aug 17-23 and I agree. I was still a little sad when I got the update this morning, though.


I know what you mean. I was a little disappointed too, but I really didn’t think we were going to have that many CL1 & CL2 days while school was out with a general population free dining promotion in effect.

Magic Kingdom bumping up from a 1 to a 5 on Aug 16th makes the most sense. The first MNSSHP usually sells out. TP says a sellout MNSSHP is supposed to be like a CL7. And there is EMH in the morning.

Yeah, but I certainly was excited to have a chance to see a CL1 day in August, lol. I figured it wouldn’t happen, but it was nice to think about the possibility while it lasted. I’m a bit disappointed myself. However, my first visit four years ago was all CL9 and CL10 days in August and we made out fine - so I don’t think it’ll be a problem.

I got my update this morning too. From my experience TP tends to update about 3 - 4 weeks before my trips. I wasn’t shocked to see the CLs go up to more realistic numbers.

I really don’t pay any attention but mine were updated two days before I leave :grinning:

I know right… :crazy_face:

They’ll keep coming right up to day of our trips.

Me too. Going 3rd week of August. And even though my initial reaction is “bummer,” I think I’d prefer to have TP’s ready for higher CL days than lower ones. We will be ready! :grinning:

One oddity I’ve never noticed before is how “Overall Crowd” CL numbers don’t always line up with the park crowd CL numbers. For example: 8/19 has CL’s at 4 or 5 for each park, but 6 overall. And 8/20 has 4 or 5 for each park, but 2 overall. :thinking:

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How about this one:

Saturday Aug. 17, 2019
▵ Magic Kingdom Crowd Level increased from 2 to 5.
▵ Epcot Crowd Level increased from 3 to 5.
▵ Hollywood Studios Crowd Level increased from 2 to 5.
▵ Animal Kingdom Crowd Level increased from 4 to 5.

▵ Walt Disney World Overall Crowd Level decreased from 3 to 2.

Something silly is going on there–


I was also bummed (but not surprised) to see the upward trend in the crowd levels for the third week of August - it’s now more in line with what it was when I first booked our trip (pre-SWGE announcement).

I just ran evaluate on my plans though, and my wait times aren’t changing at all, so this is good news, right? Makes me feel like I’m winning, anyway.

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Most of my plans did not change either, however my HS plan got thrown completely out of whack when my TOT wait (with FPP) went from 5 mins to 30 mins. It pushed my next step (a show) back an hour, which pushed everything else back. Easy to adjust, and I fixed it, but that seems an awfully long wait with a FPP. But, as with everyone else, I’d rather be prepared with an accurate TP then get surprised the day of!

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Yes, I did speak too soon, TOT wait times jacking up my HS plans, too. I dropped my FPP for it since no one else wanted to ride it and it was late in the day. I’ve never been on it to miss, so It’s probably getting chopped unless we decide make HS NOT a late start day.

Don’t skip ToT!! You’ll love it! It has a quicha money back guarantee. Ride it (alone while your family gets an ice cream or something) and let me know what you think!

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CLs for my trip in May/June 2020 mostly went down with the latest update. Given past experience, I won’t rejoice too much until we are closer to the trip (or once we’re there and see the crowds for myself).

I already planned to ride it when they are busy with something else Maybe I still will. I’m kinda meh on Hollywood Studios all together…if it was up to me I’d happily live in oblivion and skip it again this trip - I haven’t been since the 1990s.

But this I made me LOL

I know this thread is about August but I’m curious about our last week of October trip. CL’s are 2-4 for overall resort but there are NO value resort rooms available period for the 5 nights we are going and moderate resort options (non-suites) only pop up off and on (I’ve been watching to possibly change resort). I can’t reconcile the CL’s with resorts being so full. I know the 10/31 MNSSHP is very busy so are the parks really going to be slow that week? Or are the CL’s lower despite more people because rides are expected to be running at max capacity?

  • Regarding the first Halloween party on 8/16, we were there for the first party last year (same Friday on the calendar) and the actual crowd level ended up a 1. It was basically a free-for-all through 10-11am. EMH at 7 and regular open at 8. We nearly walked on Space Mountain a little after 9:00am. With no strong indicators that this year’s summer crowds are higher than last year, I’d suspect that the predicted 5 for 8/16 may actually be high. Remember the crowd levels are based on crowds midday, not during the party hours
  • TOT wait times were likely fixed because actual waits with FP are very high due to the reduced capacity. What they are showing now seems closer to reality so I’d plan for that and not the earlier ones.
  • Another thing I noticed with the new update that’s not crowd-level-related: Test Track waits first thing in the morning were adjusted way up. I’m showing a 46min wait at 8:15am on an EMH day, which is quite higher than it was showing last week and the CL only went up by one point.
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Thanks for the MNSSHP crowd history. Torn between letting kids sleep in and getting short lines. You know, the usual dilemma.

Last year they predicted a 3, saw a 1.

Looks like the “leveled” out so e of the unevenness between the WDW crown levels and the individual park levels last night.