August 2018 Crowds

Hi, we’re going the last week of August and are used to it being relatively slow…like 3’s and 4’s on the crowd calendar. With the update that happened a few weeks ago, all of the parks have jumped and HS is at 7 all week :astonished: Is there a chance that crowd levels across the board will change and if they don’t, can we still have a go with the flow, semi-planned but still relaxed trip?

Also, how do you pick which park is the best park, when they’re all pretty much the same lol


Toy Story Land or whatever they named it is projected to be open sometime this summer so likely there will be increased DHS crowds from people checking those rides out.

I figured that was the reason for the spike at HS. We’ll def rope drop the days we go there :slight_smile:

We will be there with our 2 kids the same week. :slight_smile: When I first booked it in September the crowd levels DID seem shockingly low. When we went the same week in 2016 the crowd levels were mild to moderately high when we first got there and became less so as the week went on.

That’s good to know :slight_smile: fingers crossed the same thing happens this year

We’ve gone this week the past 2 years. I actually founds crowds to be lowest earlier in the week (Sunday to Wednesday) and then really pick up on Thursday through the holiday weekend. For this reason, we ended up spending most of those days–especially during the afternoons-- poolside to avoid the heavier crowds.

I’m going this week too! First time at Beach Club, can’t wait!

I noticed that Epcot and MK had days that were 4’s, but and HS were fairly flat. Of course that’s where the newer stuff (Pandora, Toy Story) is right now!

I’m certain that the DHS spike is related to TSL. The “strong rumors” are that it will officially open on Memorial Day weekend, so some of the crowds may die off a bit. As it’s really a pretty small addition, with no super headliners like Pandora has, it probably won’t have a lot to do with overall resort crowds. But as I am getting too old to deal with the hellish heat and humidity, August is off my list of months I’ll go.

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I feel better now, thanks!! I’ll just plan for a few EMH, then maybe hop over to a less crowded park for the rest of the day.