August 2015 - RO or package reservation?

We are planning on going mid August 2015. Since we don't know what discounts - if any - will be available, is it better to make a room only reservation, assuming that there will be a RO discount, or a package reservation, in hopes of free dining, and change to a RO if that's the only discount that comes out? (I've run the numbers, and FD works better for us than RO)

I know the past two years there has only be RO discount for the time frame, but you know what they say about past performance, and I think it's harder to go from a RO to a package than the other way around.

Anyone have any insight?

Mid August is value - you'll be getting some of the lowest rates of the year, whether on a package or room only. I've booked the room type I want early, then added dining & tickets later, with no problems.

We always visit wdw mid-Aug and have always gotten a discount of some sort, so I'd say it's likely you'll get one. I would book a room only reservation then when a discount comes out I book a new reservation online and then cancel my room only once the phones die down. This year I booked orbitz, wdw, then back to orbitz!

I would book a room only and apply any packages or discounts when they become available. RO has a better cancelation policy, 6 days before arrival. Package reservations are 45 days before arrival.


Thanks everyone for you insight. I'm going to book rim only for now and keep watch on the discounts.

We are booking RO for July 2015 at WL. Like said before bc of the better cancellation policy. Then hopefully will get a 30% off RO to switch to.

Also booking RO makes it easier to cancel and book through orbitz if they have another deal like they did this summer.

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True. Thanks for the insight.