Attractions with the most operational downtime?

Which attractions get shut down the most often for any amount of time, due to either weather or mechanical/computer issues?

Does anyone know of a way to find this information?


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This is anecdotal and not scientific but Test Track seems to be down a lot when we are visiting. Also, anything that has an outdoor element will get shut down if the rain is bad enough including Test Track, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. But any ride that is entirely indoors won’t be affected.

When we were there recently, there was more down than had anticipated. Space mountain twice, splash once, and kali river rapids once. I’ll give a pass for test track since it was a rainy day. Thank goodness we had fastpasses, and they were good about loading our multi experience passes. The splash day the kids were really set on it and it was our last ride before leaving for lunch. So we rearranged our day and went back sooner than planned after lunch. But I digress…