Attractions that offer bail out after queue

Anyone know which attractions in WDW you can go through the queue and then NOT go on the ride vehicle?

I believe RotR offered that, but I’m not sure what others are out there. We’ll be traveling with someone in February that isn’t big on rides, but may like the queues before the ride. That way, they wouldn’t be waiting around too long while the rest of us finish the ride portion of the attraction!


Well you never have to ride so I assume all of them?

On Tower of Terror, there is a real elevator that will take you down if you choose not to ride. DS chickened out on his first attempt at it so we rode down and then CM took me back up to ride when the rest of my party exited by the photopass station inside.

You can do it at every attraction. Inform the CM before boarding and they’ll, typically, escort you around to the ride exit. It’s no big deal and happens often.


So true. You’d be surprised how many grown men are found visibly shaking before boarding IASW, only to bail at the last second…


Sometimes you might have to step through/over the ride vehicle, Splash comes to mind there as well as Mission Space. I did this at Mission Space and you basically have to do the pre-show and walk through the vehicle to exit. I was VERY worried I would somehow end up riding but I just kept walking and was fine.


We did KTTK a few years ago and were escorted into HM through a door and through a plain hallway. At that point one of the adults said “ I can’t do this” and the guide let her out.