Attractions Rankings-Magic Kingdom

These rankings are solely my opinion, and are limited to mainly just rides/meet and greets, but I’d LOVE to hear what you guys think about these.

  1. Space Mountain
  2. Splash Mountain
  3. Haunted Mansion
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean
  5. Thunder Mountain
  6. The Peoplemover
  7. Buzz’s Space Ranger Spin
  8. Meeting Tiana/Rapunzel (solely for my love of Princess and The Frog)
  9. Meeting Tinkerbell
  10. Astro Orbiter
  11. Jungle Cruise
  12. Mad Tea Party
  13. Meeting Mickey
  14. Meeting Minnie/Daisy
  15. Meeting Goofy/Donald
  16. Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train
  17. Dumbo/Magic Carpets of Aladdin
  18. Enchanted Tales with Belle
  19. Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  20. Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor
  21. Journey of the Little Mermaid
  22. PhilarMagic
  23. Small World
  24. Barnstormer
  25. Stitch’s Great Escape
  26. Peter Pan’s Flight
  27. Carousel of Progress
  28. Tomorrowland Speedway

I know the VERY unpopular here is that I have Peter Pan so low, but honestly, that ride just irks me. It could be that I’ve awful experiences with wait times, however, I’ve given it many chances and just cant find the patience to warrant that wait for that ride.

Let me know what you guys think! And give me your rankings as well!

Don’t enough time to try to do a whole list, but to start, any item starting with the work “Meeting” would be at the very bottom - if on the list at all.

My top three, in order would be Splash, BTMRR, HM.
My bottom three (not counting M&G) would be Aladdin, Speedway, and Stitch.

iasw, COP, and Tiki Room, HOP, and CBR would all be closer to the top, SM would be closer to the bottom. You left 7DMT off you list; that would also be close to the bottom.

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I can see that. I think my thing with greetings is that it lets me feel like a little kid again and occasionally thats a good feeling lol.

You’re not big on SM? I wanna hear why1 You’re not the first that I’ve heard that from, but I’m curious to hear your reasoning.

7DMT is there sitting at number 16. I completely forgot HOP if i had to put it somewhere it be around the 15-17 area.

Today (it tend to change week to week) Big Thunder would be my #1. I never really cared for 7DMT but recently it has been growing on me. I would have PhilharMagic much higher on my list. It would be above Buzz on your list.

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Maybe the more i ride 7DMT, the more it’ll grow on me too!! I hope at least. It has a TON of popularity, which is one reason i tend to stay away from it. PhilarMagic is always very pleasant on a hot Florida day

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It’s a two-fold reason. (1) It just hurts too much; I get off it and my back will hurt for an hour. (2) I rode it first in 1975, a few months after it opened, and I remember how good it was then compared to what it’s become 40-plus years later. The roughness has multiplied 10-fold and they have had to slow it down 3 or 4 times and add brakes to keep the whole structure from shaking itself to death.

If we were talking DL, then SM would be in my top 3 (along with Indiana Jones, and Splash).


Ah I see. I will agree on the back pain issue with the ride, I wish there was a way they could fix that. I’ve actually never been to DL, so I can’t come with a list on that one!

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Peter Pan is high on my list followed by all the mountains.

Don’t do any of the meets either.

I will give 7DMT another go at it. Was not real impressed but I hope like @PrincipalTinker it may grow on me.

Pirates and Haunted Mansion are up there too.

I just about love everything.

I can see that. I think I’m the only person I know who doesn’t like Peter Pan lol

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As a ride, I really enjoy Peter Pan - but what I don’t like is the disproportionately long line that it seems to always have. If I walk past at RD and the line is under 15 min I’ll ride, but otherwise it’s a “walk past” attraction for me…


I 100% agree. Once I get on the actual ride, its not that bad. However, it does not warrant an 85-90 minute wait time. I’ll ride it if its under 20 just because the queue is kinda cool, but I won’t waste my time if its over, which it normally is

Top Five for me

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean (I think it’s more nostalgia for me than anything else…the smell)
  2. Haunted Mansion
  3. Big Thunder Mountain
  4. Philharmagic (I LOVE Disney music through and through)
  5. Meeting Mickey (Mascot characters have fascinated me since I was a small child and meeting Mickey has held a special place in my heart for almost 29 years now)

I can agree with that. That’s a pretty solid top 5. Last year we met Town Square Mickey and that was an amazing experience.