Attractions Open During MNSSHP

My DW and I will be at WDW in October. We’re not really interested in the festivities involved in MNSSHP. However, we were mulling over purchasing tickets for it just so that we could stay in the park later and hit the regular attractions. Plus, it will be our last day at WDW, and I really hate to have to leave at 7:00 pm.

Are most or all of the regular attractions still open during MNSSHP? Would it be worth the some $100 for each of us just to be able to go on the regular attractions with shorter lines? Are the lines significantly shorter?

Most attractions are open and the lines are short (Space 5-10 minutes). PP and 7DMT are usually around 30 minute waits until after 10:00. I do think the parade and especially the fireworks ( watch form the garden area where the dessert party is held these days-old FP area) are definitely worth going to. The special fireworks that surround the hub are very cool.

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Disney publishes a list of the exact attractions that are open:


Perfect! I didn’t see this when I was looking on the WDW website. Thank you for sharing the link.