Attractions Open During EMH at AK

Which attractions are open during EMH at AK?

List of AM EMH attractions from TP Blog

I am jealous that Heather’s posts work and mine and Michelle’s dont. :frowning:

@MouseDeprivedUntil19 & @Sorcerers_Apprentice If you click on the body of my post above (List of AM…) what does it do?

That link is to the website rather than the blog, but that’s definitely a good link to use. We update it when we find out about changes to the included attractions.

OK so the linking worked then, even if I forgot where I got it. I had Blog on the brain because I searched there first. Sorry about that, @david.

@Sorcerers_Apprentice I can’t click on the threads started by you and Michelle. I was wondering if it’s because they aren’t under any sub-categories. Mine are under Disney World>Attractions and Fastpass+ Could that be an issue?

@MouseDeprivedUntil19 - Len is aware of the issue. When we created the topics they had categories. Then the categories disappeared. It seems to be working ok now.

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Thanks @Sorcerers_Apprentice!

Are Oasis Exhibits or Discovery Trails open for EMH? I know they are not on the list but I think you just walk through them so don’t think they would be “closed”.

I would think they will be open for EMH. It would be difficult to close them off.

Now the Marharajah Trek and Gorilla Falls are different, and I think those are closed until normal park opening time.