Attractions before Park Opening

Assuming we have breakfast before park opening at MK, and with the intent that we will be done before the official park opening of 9am (hoping for a BOG breakfast at 8am; will they let people are rides before 9am?? or do they wait until 9am to start running the rides

I’ve seen them let people ride 7DMT before 9 am as long as it’s not an EMM day. I’m not sure about other rides.

They often start running 7dmt a little early, 10 minutes or so. If they do then you will be allowed to ride before the rush of people from the Hub reach the ride. If not, then you should still get into the line before the rope droppers.

So you can hope for the best, but don’t expect it - to avoid disappointment.

If they add EMM (the paid-for early morning magic) you will be held until the rope is dropped.

If they add EMH and you are staying onsite then you will be OK for riding but will not have any advantage, in fact the opposite.

If they add EMH and you are staying offsite they will likely make you wait.

And if they simply move normal opening to earlier (like at Christmas) then you really need to decide whether breakfast at BOG is more important than beating the masses! For some, it might be.