Attraction Mainrenance Issues?

Is anyone aware of a cut in the maintenance budget at Disneyland? We’re here for a quick trip in conjunction with a business trip, and in a day and a half, we’ve experienced breakdowns on Dumbo, Mr Toad, Radiator Springs Racers, Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree, and Space Mountain. Again, these are just the attractions that have broken down while we were in line. Luigi’s Rollicking Roadsters was also out of service this morning. Who knows what else has broken down that we weren’t aware of. I understand rides break, and I even understand a run of bad luck. But this seems a little excessive. I’ve been going to Disney Parks regularly for a long time, and I’ve never experienced anything like this. Which makes me wonder if Disney isn’t trying to save a couple of bucks by reducing preventative maintenance or laying off some personnel?

In light of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening, I think the opposite is true right now. They are working to get as much maintenance done now before the parks will be overloaded with guests making any maintenance difficult & also to avoid having to reduce capacity for those attractions that would be down for maintenance.

I know that for Luigi’s if there is even a hint of moisture on the ground the ride cannot operate so it’s really easy for it to be out of service as even a little bit of morning dew can make it be offline for the start of the day.

Also, another thing to consider, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a ride breakdown that causes a ride to shut down. Sometimes guests can cause an attraction to go down temporarily if something of theirs falls off the ride cart and into the attraction or on the track or if someone gets sick and that needs to be cleaned up, etc.


Also it can seem like a ride is “down” if they are loading a family who has someone with a disability. It wasn’t until I with someone that required to load on a ride through these methods, that I understood what was going on other occasions.