Attention Meijer shoppers! Great gift card deal till 8/13

For every $50 in select gift cards, Disney included!, get $10 off your next purchase. This is basically 20% off gift cards up to $500 with $100 back!

It took about an hour for my couple to show up on my mperks, so you have to wait a bit, and obviously it’s only good for people that live near a Meijer.


Oh cool! There is a Meijer right near my house and I have an upcoming trip. Thanks for sharing!

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I have a Meijer real close, but hardly shop there. Do you know if you can use the rewards for a gift card?

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Is it not valid online? Closest Meijer to me is 45 minutes away. And does that mean purchase say $500 in Disney GC then can use the mperks for another $100 Disney GC?

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Doesn’t seem like you can use the $10 mperk towards another gift card.

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Could someone help me to find where this offer is in the app? I am a newer Meijer shopper due to the last couple of gift card offers. TIA

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In the app, it will be in the “rewards” tab, and then should shoe in the “available” tab.


Yesss! Thank you.