Attempting the impossible....with nothing to lose except my sanity

We live in Tampa, have AP’s, and four kids, ages 1 - 6. My girls have been begging to meet the Frozen sisters, and I’m realizing that the only way it is going to happen is standby. I’ve chosen Friday, November 21st, which has MK at a level 2 and a party that night.

So, what is the best strategy? I’ll have a double stroller with the 1 and 3 YO, but the 4 and 6 year olds will be walking. If we leave home by 7:00, I should be at MK by RD, but just barely, assuming the monorail is running and we can do a quick potty stop at the TTC.

The big question is should I try to get to A&E right at RD? We won’t be at the front of the pack, and are not very fast walkers. If the wait times spike at opening and stabilize later, I’m thinking maybe we should wait until 10:30 or so. I’d appreciate any information on that.

Also, has anyone tried to ride any rides with four kids and one adult? I know the rules and we are experts at riding rides with two adults and four kids. I know we are very limited, but not sure how much. I’m assuming we will be allowed to ride Small World and Pirates, since we can all fit in one row. Does anyone have any experience negating that?

Other than those rides, Pooh, and Jungle Cruise, we will probably stick to characters and shows for the rest of the day. I’m bummed that there are no FPs left for Cinderella, Mickey, ETWB, or Ariel’s grotto. Oh well. Hopefully standby won’t be too bad.

I’d appreciate any input! Thanks, and wish me luck!

Oh goodness I wish you the best of luck! Here’s what little I can help with.

The resort monorail starts up at 7am so anytime after that you can get from TTC to MK just make sure you get one instead of the express.

As for the wait times here’s the projected times for 11/21.

Because it’s a party day the crowds should be lighter before 4pm when the party guests come in since most don’t want to burn a ticket on a park that is closing early. Good news is if the projections hold out the times are estimated to be under an hour all day and no huge benefit to throwing elbows at rope drop.

As for riding the rides I can’t really help there but I wish you all the luck! I’m sure you’ll still have a great time.

By the way times for ETWB are also low. I would really recommend creating a personalized touring plan with the rides and shows you know you can do with your party makeup and that will give you a great estimate on when to hit each one to try and avoid any really long lines.

As for other things to do with the 1 adult, 4 kid ratio:
The train should be running then, take a circuit around the park, and the liberty boat too, you might be able to squeeze onto under the sea, the TTA and monsters laugh floor would be good too, oh and carousel of progress.

Good luck meeting the princesses!! Maybe check night before and just before you leave to see if there are any fastpasses that have opened up. You never know.

Thanks for the tips. The train sounds like a good idea. My oldest is terrified of TTA. Weird kids!

Does anyone know if A&E meet during FOF, or do they take a break? I’m thinking that might be a smart time. I’m hoping ETWB is short as Lines predicts. We haven’t done that since back when it was new, so I am remembering long lines.

They should definitely continue meeting during FOF- as far as I’m aware, it’s a regular and continuous meet and greet.