Attempting first Universal TP Plan & I need some help

I haven’t been there since 2011 and didn’t even know about TP back then.
I only plan to go one day along with my mom who is 80 & does not do most rides and cannot handle virtual reality (fun right? lol) My daughter who is a Disney DCP & has a Universal Season pass may be joining us, it will all depend on her work schedule.
I am a huge HP nerd and want to do ALL of that stuff. My mom enjoyed both the books and the movies so being able to be there will be thrill enough for her.
I plan to buy a one day park to park pass for the both of us.

I plan to go on Thursday, 11/30 & still need to figure out transportation if my daughter can’t come.

Here’s my questions:
How do I build a park to park plan?
How can I get that plan on my dashboard with my Disney plan?
Do the Universal rides have “chicken exits” like Disney does? She would love to go through Hogwarts castle but not ride the ride!
Can she wait on all those lines in an ECV?

I’m sure I will have more at some point but I would appreciate some help & any advice. Thank you.

You’ll need to set up a separate Universal trip on your dashboard, you can’t have Uni plans on your WDW dashboard. You’ll also need separate plans for each park, you just need to adjust the start times. I don’t know about the chicken exits. I do know they sometimes offer castle tours. I seem to remember DH had to transfer to a wheelchair for most rides.

Ok, that’s how I have it set up now, wasn’t sure if I was missing a way to connect them.

I haven’t done enough research on Universal (yet) but going over our plans I realized it’s crazy not to take a day trip there!

She has bad knees but she can walk, just not all over the park. I forgot about being able to get her a wheelchair to wait in line, we used one at POTC a few weeks ago and it worked out great. She does not need either for the rides themselves.

I plan to have her watch You Tube for some of the rides I think she might do. Isn’t Men in Black pretty similar to Toy Storia Mania?

I’m even more excited for our trip now! Thank you for your reply!

Men in Black is a shooting game, probably more similar to Buzz than TSMM but like both.

Universal is brilliant, I hope you enjoy it - the Harry Potter areas are amazing!

Yes, we went in 2011 in August and it was SO HOT & SO CROWDED! I’ve used TP for 2 different WDW trips now and I love it. I can’t imagine it would be half as crowded & I know the heat won’t be what it was. Plus last time there was 8 of us, I know we will have a much more relaxing day this go round.

My cousin works at the Willy Wonka place so I plan to reach out to her for some advice as well.

Thanks again!

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You’re welcome :blush:

If you’re a big HP fan, then you could easily spend a day just doing Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. Take some time to wander through the shops, sample the different kinds of Butterbeer, take in Tales of Beedle the Bard, Celestina Warbeck, the Frog Choir, etc., and you’ll be surprised how long it will take!

I’ve heard differing reports on whether the castle tours at Hogwarts are still happening. Initially, I heard that they were not doing the tours because the castle tour queue had become the Express Pass queue, but more recently I thought I’d read they were doing them. Probably best to check before you leave.

Enjoy your trip!

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Yup, big HP nerd. Cannot wait to go, have a butterbeer and just ENJOY being there. It was crazy crowded last time, could barely get through. I plan to visit on 11/30 which is a Thursday just before they reveal all their Christmas stuff I believe. TP crowd calendar has 2/3 for the parks. It’s weird planning for something that doesn’t necessarily seem like it needs to be planned!
So far I know that I need to transfer her from her ECV to a wheelchair but I’ve yet to find out if she can chicken out for sure on some rides with the wheelchair.

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