Attempt #3 at going to Disney

Hello! As the title says this is attempt number 3 for my family to make it to Disney world. First we had it scheduled for April 2020. Then we had it scheduled for end of January 2022, but my girls caught covid just 10 days before we were supposed to go! We are currently 3 weeks away from our third attempt and hopefully this time we will successfully make it there! Things have obviously drastically changed since our original trip was planned. I am looking for any tips you can give me!

We have a group of 6, my husband, myself, my mother in law, my sister, and my 2 girls (6 and 9). We are going to be at the parks from June 4th-June 11th (2 days at each park, with a break mid day pretty much every day). We originally weren’t going to get genie+ but now I am wondering if we should get it to help us skip at least a few lines. Would it be a good idea for us to get genie+?

Guardians of the Galaxy will be newly opened, I have been reading up on how to get a virtual queue boarding group. I keep reading about using BG1, what is that? Is it an app? Is it superior to just using my Disney experience?

Any tips on staying cool in the June heat? We didn’t want to go this far into the year but this was when we could find time to go.

Thanks everyone!


I think G+ is definitely helpful if you follow the Genie threads and really learn how to maximize your use of it. As far as heat goes, I’ve been using a neck fan and blackout umbrella to keep the sun off me and help cool me down in the heat. Some people love cooling towels too.


You know what they say. The third time is a charm.
As far as G+ goes - I’m not a fan. I encourage folk not to add it automatically. Personally, I don’t think you need it at all at Epcot. I guess it depends on what time you arrive. A Touring Plan will do just fine. You mentioned doing two days at each park. Do you have park hoppers? With PH and two days at each, don’t automatically give your $$ to G+.
As far as the heat - cooling towels are nice. I also find a sit down meal in the AC to be a nice break. Water rides are a nice also.


In the before times we rarely used fast passes, relying more on being in the parks early - even with a group of 6 or more - and touring plans.

While we have yet to have a trip to WDW when Genie+ is a thing I doubt we buy it. We’re not ride centric, we rarely have FOMO, and we disliked crowds even before Covid. We had one trip that coincided closely with the opening of an entire new park. We discussed the situation and decided we were ok with putting that park off till the next trip.

We love eating, characters, visiting old photo ops (totem pole outside gift shop at Wilderness Lodge), visiting resorts, lying down in the cool with our feet up, opening parks, closing parks (maybe not the same day so much - even with lying down in the cool), chatting with CMs, chatting with guests, watching ducks or lizards. And some rides. :blush:

The very nice thing about WDW is that everyone can have different goals and have a great time. :sunglasses:


We are not doing park hopping. Just staying at one park each day.

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In this case, I think a good old fashioned Touring Plan will do you. Unless there is a headliner you don’t want to miss. In that case, ILL is always an option.


Forgot about this.

Our main tip is tour early. Hang out at resort in the heat of the day. Head out again as the sun goes down.

Also like cold packs applied to the back of hot necks. The kind you squish in the middle to activate. We did have some cooling towels, like wipes, that were wonderful but they seem to be discontinued. We have the neck tubes (? not sure what they’re called) that you get damp and put on your neck. We’d rather use them in the west where it’s drier as they don’t seem to do well in the humidity.

Frozen lemonade is good too when taken internally for excessive external warmth. :blush: