Attaching Touring Plan to My Trip

I created Personalized Touring Plans and now i want to assign them to specific days of my vacation trip on the dashboard. However, when i click “add a plan” it asks me to create a new plan. How do i access a plan that i have already created? Also, how do i remove a plan i have already attached?

When you go to your dashboard, scroll down and on the right there should be a section with “My Personalized Touring Plans.” Click on that and it will show you all of the plans you’ve created. In order to change the date of a plan or delete it you need to click on the plan, and edit it in the box at the top that has the park name, date you created the plan for, etc. Click on “delete” to delete it or “edit” to change the date, plan hours, etc. Hope this helps!

Your Personalized Touring Plans should automatically link up to your dates, but you need to have parks & dates set on both your Dashboard and Plan(s)

-On your Dashboard, make sure you have the park you want to go to selected for each date of your vacation.

-Then edit the plans the way @disneygirlmama suggested and it should link them up.

Basically, your dashboard needs to have parks and dates, and the plans need to have corresponding parks and dates, or they can’t “find” each other.

There are several ways to get rid of plans. If you remove that park from a given date, its plan also goes away. If you don’t want to change the park, you can change the date on the plan so it can’t link up (that’s what I usually do). If you want to get rid of the plan permanently, click the red “x” under the Personalized Touring Plans list in the lower left.