Atlantis port adventure

Thinking of paying for the half day Atlantis port adventure when we go June 2017. Does anyone know when we would leave the boat and when our time would be over and be back at the ship??

I have no experience but recently read an article that said (particularly if you are a family) It is better to book a room at the Comfort Suites which comes with full passes to Atlantis as you only pay for one night room and everybody gets a pass which ends up costing less. You can leave the ship earlier. They wrote that even though they had a few bumps on the way there they were able to beat the busload of people from the cruise ship. You just check in, get your Atlantis paperwork and check out and walk out the back to the hotel and you are there. From my point of view this would also give you a room close by to change in, use the facilities (private) and would only leave a minimal tip for housekeeping as you are not really using the room. Let us know how everything is. I am seriously thinking about Oct 2017.

Does anyone have experience with booking a room at the Comfort Suites? I checked and I can get a room for $279 for the three of us … much cheaper than booking a Disney excursion. Our cruise is the first week in April. I’m just wondering how long it takes to check in the hotel and go to Atlantis and get your wristband. Is there a long line to check in? Is it difficult to get a cab to the hotel from the ship? I certainly would love to get the savings, but am willing to pay for the Disney excursion if it is going to be significantly easier and faster since the time in Atlantis is so limited. (I have an 11 year old boy who is dying to do the slides!) Just wondering if anyone has any advice…

I just returned from our trip (Fabulous!) and I thought I would answer my own question in case anyone else wanted to know :). We did book a room at the Comfort Suites. With taxes and everything it wound up about $350… still cheaper than the Disney Excursion for the three of us. We were allowed off of the ship at 9:30. We took a cab to the Comfort Suites ($4 per person). Cabs were plentiful right outside of the ship. We checked in and checked out, walked out of the back door, went to Atlantis and got our wristbands. It was sort of a long walk from the place you get the wristbands to the waterpark, but it was inside the hotel so we got to see the hotel itself. The walk from the Comfort Suites was right across the street. We were inside the waterpark by 10:15. We saw the Disney group arrive much later… about 11:00. We did everything we wanted at Atlantis and headed back to the ship about 3:00. Another $4 per person taxi. Taxis readily available outside Atlantis. I would definitely do it this way again. Not only was it cheaper, it was super-easy and we could come and go as we wanted. My son really enjoyed the slides at Atlantis as well.


Do the Comfort Suites wristbands allow full access to all of Atlantis’ facilities, for example their tennis courts?

I’m not sure about the tennis courts. Here’s what their website says :" Comfort Suites is an all suite Bahamas hotel located in Nassau, Paradise Island. We provide affordable accommodations and complete access to all amenities at the famed Atlantis Resort." I guess I would assume so. You could always call them and ask.

This sounds great. I was so disappointed in the way the disney excursion was run. We wasted so much time standing around waiting for them to get their crap together I would not do it again.

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