Atlantis Deep Water Dolphin Swim + Aquaventure or just Aquaventure


We are about to book our excursions this weekend and I am trying to make a final decision in regards to what we do while at Atlantis. We are a decent sized party of seven: 30something hubby and wife, 10 year old daughter, 13 year old son, and three 60something grandparents(hubby and wife’s respective parents). We are going to Atlantis and 10 year old daughter wants to swim with dolphins. Mom wants to have enough time at Aquaventure to ride all the slides and river attractions, eat lunch and get some play time in a pool and/or beach. We arrive on the Dream at 930am and leave at 515pm so I am assuming we’ll get approximately 6 hours at Atlantis? I do feel somewhat guilty swimming with captured/bred dolphins but also know just going to Atlantis is supporting that endeavor. So for the time being guilt aside, is there enough time to do the dolphin swim for daughter and enjoy the full waterpark from those that have been here before?


FYI for those checking this out because they have the same question…I called concierge and they said you get an extra hour on our particular cruise (you leave the ship 15-30min earlier and leave Atlantis 30-45min later than people just doing the Aquaventure). So they give you extra time at Atlantis to include for the dolphin swim and your time at the waterpark itself would be comparable.

(Getting on soapbox) The whole “swimming with dolphins” thing really bugs me. If you are snorkeling and a pod happens to come up to you and wants to swim with you then fine, but capturing these wonderful creatures so that we can swim with them is just wrong. Listen to your guilt and shun this activity. (Putting soapbox away)

Soap box aside, we did the shallow water + water park last march and there was time for the water park. but we were all disappointed in the water park. There is lots to do, but lines were very long. We are glad we went once, but if we go back to Nassau, we will probably just stay on the ship.

Thanks! I looked and there are only two ships in port the day we are there and it’s one of the slower days plus it’s December so I’m hoping the lines are bearable. I did have to book a cabana directly thru the hotel since we are a party of seven and Disney will only let you book cabanas for six. If anyone is interested in the cabanas and has a larger party you can book thru Atlantis. I think it’s also cheaper for those who like to hold onto their hard earned dollars. :slight_smile: