"At X days from your trip you should do Y"

Touring Plans used to have an
“At X days from your trip you should do Y”.
I can’t find that feature anymore - has it been removed?
If it is still available - where can I find it?

Thanks for all of your info and help!

It was on my dashboard yesterday, but now there’s no link to my dashboard so I can’t confirm. But the forum has been having issues today due to an update. Maybe try tomorrow?

Actually, it might have only been on my WDW dashboard.

Welcome to the forums!

It is still there.

Go to your Dashboard, and scroll down a bit (assuming on Mobile) and you will see Checklist.


The Checklist is WDW-specific. There is none for Universal Trips. You can add a fake WDW day/trip to view it.


One of the best things about going to Universal is how easy it is to plan. You can get reservations easily a couple weeks in advance…sometimes even the same day!

I try to book all my stuff within 30 days of my trips. However, I rarely have an issue getting into anywhere if I’m a little flexible.

Please ask anything & often!!


I replied in chat- but yep I’m seeing it for a wdw trip. But welcome to the forum side- not that I come over here that often!

But I made one!


Man that was quick! :wink: