Astro Orbiter

Is Astro Orbiter a must do? I honestly don’t think I’ve ridden it and if I have then it must not have been very memorable. It’s on our TP, but has a longer wait so I’m thinking of axing it. It will be me, DH, DD4, DD4, DD4, and DD2 if that factors into the equation at all. Thanks!

If you’ve ridden Dumbo or Aladdin’s Carpets, you’ve ridden this. The only thing that makes this one a bit cooler is the fact that you are so high up you get a decent view. But mostly it is a long wait for nothing special.

We only do it if there is (very) short line.

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Definitely not a must do - think we’ve only done it once. It’s a very slow loader so the wait tends to be terrible for a 1.5 minute ride that’s a relatively pedestrian carnival type ride.

If you do decide to do it, at night is likely best…

I’m now ducking my head in embarrassment as I’ve never been on Dumbo or Aladdin’s Carpets. This trip will remedy that though with having little ones now. I think we would prefer to just ride Dumbo or Aladdin more since they have a theme. We will do Peoplemover for a view, but if we wander by and the line is very short possibly hop on. Thanks!

We will axe it then. Doesn’t sound like much bang for the buck. Thanks!

I think it is beautiful at night but the ride vehicle is tough to navigate. I am always afraid I will get stuck :relaxed:

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Of the three, Aladdin’s Carpets are best, particularly for a family since you could get the entire family onto a single Carpet, plus there is not only up/down control, but also tilt control. And the spitting camel! :slight_smile:

Dumbo is fine, and now they they doubled it in size, the queue isn’t as bad as it used to be.

In all three cases, the lines are pretty slow moving, but Dumbo wins out now that they doubled it.

One more thing about the Astro Orbiter. Note that the line beneath the PeopleMover is only the line to take the elevator up. Once you get off the elevator, there is another wait of one or two rides cycles still ahead of you!

I would skip it—In all our trips with kids (8 maybe?), we’ve done it once. It is a boring wait, including a ride in a ridiculously crowded elevator before waiting some more, all for a spinney ride on top of a building for 1.5 minutes.

Ride Dumbo (has a playground), Aladdin, and Triceratop Spin (which is usually the shortest line of the three in my experience) multiple times instead. Your kids will love them as they control the car (up or down and tilt)


Oh, right. Forgot they have a fourth clone of the same ride! :slight_smile:

apparently you can never have enough of those!

Not to be outdone, over at Universal Studios, you can ride the Twirl and Hurl in the Simpson’s land. :slight_smile:

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That sounds rather messy!

Awesome! Thanks! Those other 3 are already in the plans a couple of times.

I didn’t know about a spitting camel! That sounds cute! I guess I’ve been missing out all these years when avoiding the “baby rides”.

Well…not really. :wink:

But it is all part of the experience. There are some cute elements, though. For example, when giving you the ride instructions (stay seated, etc), he ends up going, “or as Genie would say…” and then the instructions are repeated in Spanish, as if Genie speaks in Spanish.

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@AuntB_luvsDisney nailed it. It is great at night. It’s not so great during the day

It was on my “must do every ride at least once” list (as were the other “spinners”). The height element makes it a bit more “thrilling” than Dumbo or Magic Carpets, and I think it spins a bit faster and delivers a few more Gs. If you’re a larger person (as I am) it’s definitely the tightest fit and can be a bit awkward getting into and out of.

Dumbo is high up on the nostalgia side of the house as (at least a version of it) goes as far back as opening day - of both WDW and DL. It also has the best queue arrangement as it’s indoors and has a play area for kids while they wait.

For overall “fun” the Magic Carpets get my vote for the reasons that @ryan1 stated.

I find Triceratops Spin the least satisfying on all accounts; the only purpose it serves is to provide a ride for young kids who are not able to ride the “big” rides in AK.

My family had the BEST time on the Magic Carpets as my husband and I were able to change the ride height to make sure that both of our DD13 were spit on by the camel every time we passed it. Now it is a must do.

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Thanks! I didn’t even think to look at how many can fit into one space vehicle. Probably another reason to rule it out then.

All this talk of a spitting camel and I am getting weirdly excited for this kiddie ride :joy: