Astro Orbiter & Children Riding "Alone"

Disney’s policy confuses me so I was hoping one of you kind folks can help me out.

We have 2 adults, and children ages 7, 5, 4, and 2 in our family. I’m trying to find out if this is allowed on Astro Orbiter:

7 YO/5YO

We could also split the 7YO and 5YO up into two cars if needed.

When the policy states that no one under 7 can ride alone, do they simply mean that a parent/adult has to also be on the ride with them (even if in a separate car)? Or does that mean that that the parent/adult has to be in the same car/seat as the young child?

Same question can be applied to Barnstormer, Dumbo, etc.

You should be able to load 1 adult and 2 children on Astro Orbiter- I don’t think they will let the 7 and 5 year old ride together. You could have the 7 year old ride with you and the baby and have the other adult ride with the 5 and 4 year old. Barnstormer shouldn’t be a problem, i’ve seen little ones seated alone with mom and another sibling in the row behind. You can also get an adult and 2 kids into Dumbo comfortably.

Thanks, Irorr!

Since the Disney site says that Astro Orbiter seats 2, I wasn’t sure if that was a rule or just something to go by. If anyone else has experience with this I’d appreciate input!

Lots of posts last year about Barnstormer cms being really really strict. Children under 7 Must have an adult in the car with them. Saw a few refused on little mermaid ride and under the seas also when there wasn’t enough over 14s. Dont pamic though most rides will seat 3 and ds7 can ride alone. Also a liner posted about issues she had taking a baby on Astro she was refused for safety reasons but don’t know why

A child under 7 must be with someone over 14. I’ve never seen an exception. We have four under 7, so we have problems often. The 7YO can ride alone on AO. I don’t know if they allow three in a rocket there or not. If so, then you should be fine.

As far as Barnstormer, we have asked for our DS5 to ride in front of me and other child, and it has never been allowed. Good luck!