Assuming the current LL system, is the following feasible to hit highlights at 3 parks?

I’ve never tried 3 parks in one day, but may try it next visit to hit the kids favorites one more time before we leave WDW. Assume a medium CL day. Does this look like it would work? Any other suggestions for park order?

(1) book SDD LL at 7:00 am. book GotG ILL for 10:30-11:30 am.

(2) check-out of BLT at 10:00 am and drive to EP

(3) Ride GotG, book TSM LL at 11:00 am, grab food on the go, and then drive to HS

(4) Arrive at HS by 12:30 pm with LLs booked for SDD and TSM.

(5) 12:30 pm-2:30 pm at HS: Ride SDD, TSM and A2S (A2S LL booked at 1:00 pm). Book LL for EE as soon as we tap in for A2S and then drive to AK.

(6) Arrive AK by 3:00 pm. Ride EE, book LL for Dino, Ride Dino. Leave around 4:30/5:00 pm to drive to HRH at UOR.

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Everything hinges on what time you get for Slinky. You might need to be flexible on the day. Eg: If your return time is 5pm can you reverse the park order?


I would leave 15 mins earlier from BLT. I’m just going through a timeline and the morning until you get to HS feels a little tight. That or you may not ride GotG before that TSM grab and may be running just a little behind to HS. Rushing around is doable but I always like a little buffer built in.


Yes, I could switch the order around. I would book SDD LL prior to booking Guardians ILL in case I need to adjust my plan for Guardians based on the SDD LL time.

That said, I never had a problem getting a SDD LL earlier than Noon when trying at 7:00 am.

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You’ve clearly never spent check-out morning at a resort with DD8 and DS6 trying to get them packed and out the door :slight_smile:

You are right though. I should try to leave BLT earlier.

Oh, I understand :joy::joy::joy: I wouldn’t make it out before 10:30am.

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I would have had to have nearly everything packed the night before and the kids sleeping in their clothes. :smile: And even then it’d have been iffy. :upside_down_face: