Assigning Disney Tickets

Looking for Liner opinions for disposing of a Park Ticket.

So, I have a WDW adult 3 day park hopper that is unused, but has been linked to my MDE account. Ticket was purchased after the 2017 price increase, so, it expires this year on 12/31/2018.

I was going to take DD25 to WDW with us last fall, but Hurricane Irma = Rescheduled Trip. DD25 can’t go on rescheduled trip.

The remaining family members all have tickets that will be fine and sufficient for re-scheduled trip. So, I am stuck with this expiring 3 day PH.

I see my options as follows:

  1. Keep the adult 3 day park hopper. Let it expire, and then try to use the credit for the ticket towards a future park ticket. I keep the full value, but in a form I can’t use until I go back to the park. And then I have to buy the ticket directly from Disney at guest services I suppose to do this swap.


  1. Transfer the ticket to a friend or relative who can use it before the end of this year. I recoup the cost of the ticket (or most of it if I am in a kind mood) in the form of cash.


Option 1 comes with no real downside - other than having to purchase from Disney directly at Guest Services. Am I missing anything?

Option 2: If I transfer the ticket, I have to be linked to that person on MDE. However, what happens after that? If I transfer the ticket to my sister - can I then “unlink” from her (so she can’t accidentally screw up my ADRs and FPP)? Can she then transfer the ticket further to my nephews? (I have the physical ticket which I can also provide to her).

Any other options? I would prefer not to waste a ticket and eat that cost. I would also prefer, I think, a way to liquidate the ticket without having to hold onto a very expensive Disney voucher.

Thoughts? Other options? Other potential pitfalls I haven’t seen?

Thank you!

Did you buy that expiring ticket from Disney? I have not seen confirmation of the process they will use to apply that price to another ticket

I bought it from Undercover Tourist.

I also spoke to the Disney Ticketing Office. The confirmed that an expired ticket will always keep the value and they will use it towards a new ticket.

HOWEVER, they claim that because I bought it from UT, they can’t modify the value of the ticket and I should transfer it to somebody else who can use it.

Now, my guess is that’s a load of hooey, and, just like bridging a ticket for an AP or upgrading and adding days onto a ticket, it all can be done. But my guess is that they won’t commit to that over the phone.

My bigger question now is - because the CM confirms that I am free to transfer it to anybody who can use it - what are the potential dangers of transferring it to somebody vis a vis my MDE account.


No danger that I can think of. The person needs to be linked to you.


I can’t think of any either except accidental manipulations of my FPP or ADRs for my upcoming trip. Is there a way to be linked to somebody without them having the ability to cancel FPP or ADRs. I don’t think anybody I would transfer the ticket to would do so intentionally… but I want to guard against any accidental issues.


Unfortunately, not that I know of.

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I’m connected to a friend on MDE and while I don’t know if I could do anything to her FP+, because she’s the primary name on her ADRs, I can’t touch them.

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I think there is a way to link someone to your MDE account but you can modify settings so that they are unable to see any plans that you have. I’ve had to do that before for a Memory Maker Share. We all changed our settings so that we don’t see each other’s plans/reservation #'s/fastpasses etc.
Would that work? You could transfer the ticket to your sister, but she would not be able to see any of your info on your account.

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That would be what I am looking for. I mean, if they go after my trip . . . I don’t really care… but if they go BEFORE my trip… that’s the issue. :slight_smile:

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We had 4 tickets last year that we purchased at a fundraiser only to find out that they would expire before our trip. So we did transfer to my nieces and nephews. It was pretty simple process. However the tickets had been assigned already to my son so I had to purchase a 4 day ticket for him in order to not lose fp etc. Then on the day that my nieces and nephews used their tickets somehow Disney showed that my son checked in also. Since you have to use remain8ng days on ticket within 15 days they canceled all my sons FPS for our upcoming trip because Disney showed he had no valid ticket since they somehow showed him checking in on same day as my nieces and nephews. Everything was eventually put back in order but it took 4 phone calls and being transferred several times. Everyone else’s plans were fine and in place. Only my son was affected since those tickets were originally assigned to his account. So things can happen. Maybe after transferrring them you can “ unfriend” whoever got the tickets. This should prevent any possible problems.

I thought that there was a way to “unlink” tickets from your MDE account so that they would be available for anyone to use. Give WDW IT a call at 407-939-7765 or 407-939-4357 and see what they can do for you - they have Jedi powers with MDE accounts that ordinary CMs do not.

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thanks @brklinck. I will give them a call and see what can happen…

When you add someone on MDE you can modify their ‘connection’ to you so that they can only view your shared plans. It’s my understanding that they would not be able to modify any plans you had not added them to by selecting that option. That is what we did for a MM share.