ASMo TP Room Pick Building Question

I was using the room browser tool and looking at ASMo preferred rooms. I thought it was interesting that in the Toy Story section, Building 9 is considered a TP pick but 10 is not. I’m just curious why 9 would be preferred over 10? 10 seems closer (slightly) to the transportation. Is 9 that much quieter? Or has better views?

Sorry if this should have been asked somehow differently than in the forum.


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I don’t think there would be much of a difference between 9 and 10. FWIW I have found the All Stars to be quieter than I expected. The noisiest times are when the pool is open. If you’re not facing a pool even then it would be fine.

10 is probably a tad closer to transport.


Part of building 10 is beside the loading dock for the restaurant/store and the dumpsters. The beep beep beep of trucks backing up and dumpsters being emptied have woken me up in the early morning hours in those rooms. Only thing I could think of.


Last time at ASMo we stayed bldg 10, facing bldg 9 and closest to the stairs/ main lobby building. We were not bothered by any noise from transport trucks but we did occasionally hear them. We weren’t in the room much that trip.