ASM updated rooms

Can someone tell me if the 101 Dalmation rooms have already been updated? TIA

As of the end of May building 4 yes building 1 no. Building 1 and building 5 have not started yet they are working on buildings 2 and 3 right now and they should be done soon with them, at least I hope so we will be there in 12 day and our room should be building 2 or 3.

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if you can remember can you keep me updated?
I’m heading there in august and haven’t stayed in the dalmation area but have stayed in Toy story and Mighty ducks.

This is where I’m getting my info:
We will be there in 9 days so I will post a trip report.


thanks, and of course I just realized the Dalmation rooms are preferred rooms, I only booked a standard. Back to the drawing board!

The love bug section is standard and so is mighty ducks. Love bug is finished and Mighty ducks should be finished in the next 30-45 days also one Dalmatian building is done too.