Artist Point vs. CRT

Hi there! Planning a short January family trip - Would your recommend dining at Artist Point or CRT for a family with 2 young girls (5 and 8 years old)? This is our second trip, but would be first time dining at either place. With Artist Point reopening, I wonder if we should try to switch and wait on CRT until all the princesses are back?? Or with kids this young, it is better to keep it simple and eat in the parks rather than waste precious park time bouncing to another hotel? (I imagine we will be going to an early dinner directly from a mid-day nap) Thanks for any tips!

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I haven’t been to WDW since covid, but I have been to both CRT and Artist Point with the Snow White dining. Both were fantastic! If I had kids your age (again) I would go CRT though for the excitement of getting to go inside the castle and for the princesses. I am unaware of how many princesses there are currently; when we did it there were maybe 5. I went twice and loved it both times. Snow White dining was also great although my DD7 (at the time) was confused that we were celebrating a villain by posing for pictures with her and getting her autograph. She loved posing with the grumpy dwarf. Food at both was wonderful. The Artist Point food was more creative.

I would go to CRT. We have been to both artist point and CRT. We have also been to CRT in 2019 and 2021. While you now only get to see Cinderella walk by the food is really good at CRT for both kids and adults and my kids just love getting to go inside the castle.

That said we also really enjoyed artist point, but if I could only do one it would be CRT.

I agree with CRT.

Artist Point is fantastic - especially with the full character experience (which this will not yet be) - but for my family, personally, the food was too elevated for my picky kids to enjoy. We wound up getting something like pasta and marinara for each of them, but had to pay (rightly) the high per person fee. I feel like the menu is more accessible at CRT for the little set.

Of course I haven’t viewed the current iteration of the menu, so my experience - long before the pandemic - may well be outdated. So do take that into consideration.

We’ve done both with our kids but only CRT in the current state. CRT is really cool and the kids loved eating in the castle but I feel like the the price isn’t worth it without the characters. Cinderella just kind of pokes her head out and waves for a second.

We LOVE Artist Point. The food was great (better than CRT) and my picky eater didn’t have an issue with the menu. If I’m remembering correctly they have things like plain pasta, chicken tenders, etc. I liked that there were different characters too :slight_smile: But who knows what that will look like when it reopens.


I like both. Artist Point is my fave of the two. I like the unique characters so I guess my take on it depends on how often you go and how into princesses your girls are. I have a princess averse daughter who has been princess averse since 3 or 4yo and she would prefer to dwarves to the princesses. I think the atmosphere in both is great but if you’ve never dined in the castle it’s more unique. So I would say it depends on your character taste, the frequency at which you go to WDW or might be back. Is this more about the food or the experience?

You know, now that you mention it, it might have been more the issue that they are picky AND Disney adults… so they didn’t want anything on the adult menu and chose from the kids menu – but we had to pay the adult price.

So that could be what my issue was with it not being a good fit for my family.


I have eaten at both and agree with others that CRT is the way to go! Though, I haven’t been since the modified character meets…and am not sure how that impacts the experience. Eating in the castle is awesome - eating at Artist Point is pretty, but unmemorable if you don’t have the same character experiences as before.

Ah yes, for sure different if your kids are older! Paying adult prices for kid food would be tough.

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I haven’t been to either, but if I had a choice I would pick CRT. It’s just so iconic!

This happened with us at Skippers Canteen on the dining plan with DD - she got chicken noodle soup. Not a good use of a dining credit. :roll_eyes:

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I agree that the food at Artist Point might be too fancy for really little kids.

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It’s been a few years since we’ve done them (CRT 2016 and AP 2019), but my opinion is that you can’t go wrong.

If park time is important to you, I’d do AP on a non-park day to not skim off hours while you do CRT.
If it has to be on the same day as a park, I’d do CRT to save time.

I thought the overall theme/experience of AP was a little more immersive, but eating in the castle is pretty stinking awesome, too.

So helpful, huh?

My girls were 6 and 9 at AP and I don’t remember any issues with them eating… they are moderately good eaters. Not picky, but not super adventurous.

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Thanks for all the insight - super helpful!!

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