Artist Point Snow White Dinner

Hi - if anyone goes to the new Snow White dinner, I would love to hear how it is. I think it’s opening soon (maybe today?). Thinking about booking it for my May trip. Thanks!

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I’m going on Friday. Will review in my trip report.


Thanks! Can’t wait to hear about it and read your trip report. I’ve been following your planning posts. I’m looking forward to eventually planning a solo trip for myself.

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Think tonight is the opening. I am very curious too. I have reservations but am on the fence with going since it will impinge on other activities.

Lots of pictures on Twitter @WDWNT


We were going to go on our arrival day, but I couldn’t change our ADR to a later time. We just decided we’d cancel it and make an ADR for Raglan Road on arrival day. We figure it will be there for a while, and it might work through any kinks by us waiting for another trip.

I would be interested to find out how it is, though.

A good review on FB group Delicious Disney with lots of pictures

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Tom at Disney Tourist Blog went…


It sounds really good, I’m tempted now!

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I’m sorry that we canceled it now. Ha anyone seen any allergy menu reviews? I’d be interested.

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I’ve read that allergy options was the one area that it needed work. They didn’t have specific options and modifications were difficult. Growing pains I think.

For the non-foodies

Well, then it’s a good idea that we did cancel, I guess. They were listed on our dietary sheet, and didn’t have questions, so I suppose it would have worked out. It’s too late to add them back on. The recommended minimum is two weeks with complex dietary needs.