Art of Animation - Teach to Draw

I found the schedule of Teach to Draw classes (11a, 2p, 5p), but not a detailed description of them. How long are the classes? Are they similar to the Disneyquest classes? I’m thinking this would be a good thing for my DD13 to do while DS4 explores all the statues around the AoA property. Thanks!

Update 6/10/17 - A cast member told me the class length varies depending on the character, but are typically around 20 minutes.


When this activity was held at HS, the classes were every 30 minutes. I would guess it would be along those lines.

My family did this two years ago. You just show up in TV area by the lobby. A drawing paper on a clipboard and pencil are provided. Just follow the step-by-step video of how the draw a particular character. When we were there, it was Mickey. The class lasted about 15-20 minutes.

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