Art of Animation Pool at Christmas

We will be staying at Art of Animation right after Christmas. Will the pool be heated enough for the kids to swim - day and/or evening after the parks? Thanks!

The WDW pools are all heated, but when I visited in January I found they were only really enjoyable to swim in during the warmth of the sunnier days - would have been too chilly in the evening. For context, I am not a wuss, and happily swim in the freezing cold Irish Sea during our summer.

We swam at the pools in January - I think they are heated to at least 80 degrees F so are quite pleasant! You may need a warm hoodie to get back to your room if it is chilly out but the water itself was nice, in my opinion. :slight_smile: Best of luck for nice warm weather!

We bring bath robes for the chilly wet walk back to the room.

The official temperature to which the pools are heated is 82 degrees. Obviously size of pool and actual air tem can cause variations. i do very little swimming when I’m at WDW, but I could have done so comfortably any day of my Jan trip…