Art of animation or Caribbean beach

My daughter will be almost six when we travel next may. We go twice a year and can’t afford deluxe each time. We are trying to decide between art or beach. Both on skyliner. Good pool important and comfy beds for us.

I took my six year old twin daughters on a surprise trip last summer when they turned 6 and stayed in the LM room at AoA - they absolutely loved it! I thought it was a perfect resort and room for them, the theming was perfect. The first thing they said when the got in the room was they wanted to take a bath in Aierl’s grotto tub! The loved all the large statues. The LM rooms are definitely further from the main lobby and main pool, but the walk through the Lion King area offers a place to rest and play. If you don’t mind the walk it’s great. I also like CBR, been 7 years since I stayed there, it is spread out so distance may be an issue there too, although they do have internal buses. For a 6 year old girl I would choose AoA.

I agree w/ @Ariel79 and would add that AoA is a beautiful campus. We walked over from Pop last fall to see the pool and art… love it. CB is spread out and unless you get a preferred bldg. the walk is tough

The beds at AoA are awful if that’s a priority. I actually thought the Murphy bed was the most comfortable one in the suite. The theming can’t be beat and kids can sleep anywhere, but I will not stay there again until it gets a refurb with new mattresses.