Art of Animation or All Star Music Suites

I’ve had our family booked at AoA for months. But, I’m reconsidering. We are currently booked for Cars Suites. 2 adults and 2 kids (5 and 2). With discount, AoA is $404/ night. Can’t find a discounted music, but it is still $350. Here’s why I’m reconsidering

  1. Refrigerator - The only things on most menus that my kids will eat are mac and cheese and spaghetti. I’m going to have to get some groceries and probably even freezer items and the All Star Music fridge is way bigger.

  2. Noise - I’m nervous about having my kiddos sleeping so close to the door in AoA and possibly being awakened by people in the hallway. I’ve also repeatedly read that AoA is noisy as far as hearing hallway noise and noise from other rooms. We will have daytime naps too.

Some considerations - We are planning to take Minnie Vans quite a bit. So I don’t really consider the Skyliner to be a huge benefit. The theming at AoA including playground/sprayground will knock my kids socks off. But, maybe it’s enough to just visit. We plan to eat on site nearly every evening. We must have a separate room for grownups to stay up after kids go to sleep. It’s the kids first trip so they won’t know what they’re missing.

Ugh, Am I overthinking it? (ok, yes, maybe) Thoughts?

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I haven’t stayed in either but did have one of the ASM suites booked until we switched to OKW.

As far as the sleeping arrangements go, if the adults are going to be in the bedroom then the kids will still be in the living room, with the door to the outside.

Also be aware there isn’t a toaster for some reason in the ASM kitchen, you might want to bring one or order one to use. It seemed an odd omission to me!

Also I don’t think you’ll be able to use the splash pad at AoA if you’re not staying there, I think it’s within the pool area and gated.


Oh did they remove that? It has been many years (ahem, 13) since I was there but we had a toaster then. That’s silly - especially if they are still providing one in the AoA suites


It’s strange but it wasn’t listed and none of the walk thru videos ever showed one.

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AoA is nice and that’s actually a decent price but if fridge is your main priority it might be worth the switch. We are sensitive to noise but had no complaints there. We did require a room at the end of the hall and got it. You also want to face away from the pool.


ASM suites are literally the size of two standard rooms. The kitchen is a seperate walled off area (no door) and has a refrigerator that would fall in the “full size” category which gives you an ample amount of freezer area. As of Dec 2022 there was no toaster. The sink is full sized and there is plenty cabinet space to store your food items.

ASM buildings are T shaped and the suites are located in the base of the T so there is no exposure to any foot traffic that is traversing the resort and no exposure to the Pool areas.

We had groceries delivered by Amazon Fresh (and I read there are other options) without any issues and in our case they were waiting for us in the room. We bought several refrigerated items (specifically milk) from the food court. I got caught short one night when the food court closed earlier that I anticipated but it opened early enough the next morning so it turn out not to be an issue.

One big CON … once you stay in a suite, you might be spoiled forever!


Thank you. Do you remember what room or area you were in? I do wonder if there are certain sections or buildings that are louder, besides being on a higher or lower floor.

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@linsalt thanks. That sounds similar to what our plan would be for getting groceries. It’s hard to ignore that full size sink and fridge.

We are already spoiled by having a one bedroom when we just had one child. Can’t imagine sharing a room with those two. Ha! I am a little worried that they won’t sleep so well even being right next to eachother in beds. One other pro for AoA since beds are further apart. Ah, time will tell.
Thank you

@Nicky_S yes, we’ll miss out on the pools and splashpad. But, I keep telling myself that they won’t know we’re missing out. The theming is just so great, it 's a tough call.

Toaster not an issue for us this time.

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I did find that 5 of our 6 days do have a discount down to $290, so over $100 less a day. Making it a tougher choice.

Found my text. We did stay in Nemo though. Room 4739 - building 4, 3rd floor. I imagine Cars area would be even quieter. Lion King even quieter since no pool.

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You may also want to consider FW cabin. Full kitchen and so quiet - we stayed in June and loved it. The bunks are in the same room though there is a sofa bed. I claimed the sofa for privacy and DH slept with the kids - lol.

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Thank you for that info! That gives me some hope that it can be quiet even if we are not on the 4th floor. I did look at FW but we didn’t really want to get a golf cart. And didn’t feel comfortable with either kid on the top bunk…or us on the pull out if we put him on the full bed.

Just to be clear FW doesn’t have a full except for the sofa. It’s bunks and a queen.

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I also forgot how young your kids are so I get your reservations about a bunk and golf cart. The cart is half the fun at FW but not sure I’d feel comfortable with kids that age. My kids were 6&8 (almost 7 and 9) when we went this summer.

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Correct me if I’m wrong - AS Music is relatively close to AS Movies - and in that case, I’d say, you could also go over to Movies and check out the theming there. It is supposed to be really fun as well!


This is correct. It’s no AofA but I do enjoy the theming of ASMo.


That is an idea. Cast member mentioned that when I called too. My kids won’t know that they are missing the theming. Just me :slightly_frowning_face:


We stayed at Caribbean Beach - and we did a Skyliner hop with my kids (8 & 5) to AoA. It was fun to check out, and we happened to go at night. The vibe did feel chaotic to me, so I was glad that we ultimately decided on somewhere else for our family. My kids did not once say “I wish we stayed here instead”. They were just thrilled to be at WDW and soaking it all in.


I just listened to a podcast by a couple who stayed at ASMu suite in June of this year. They reported a toaster oven (so not a toaster, but more versatile) in the kitchen there. :thinking:

So, OP, I vote you stay at ASMu and report back. For science.

@Tall_Paul1 stayed at Music in a suite recently with his fam. Toaster? Toaster oven? Or neither?