Art of Animation Connecting Rooms (Finding Nemo)

I am in final stages of planning our trip for mid-October and wanted to submit a room request through the Touring Plans automatic fax service. However, we have 2 rooms booked that I want to be connecting for Finding Nemo Suites at the Art of Animation, and the online room picker doesn’t show any connected rooms in the room descriptions. I don’t want to request a section of the building that doesn’t have connecting rooms. Anyone know where the connecting rooms are at Art of Animation in the Finding Nemo buildings?

I am pretty sure the only connecting rooms at AOA are in the Little Mermaid section, the standard rooms. The suites were not built as connecting. Hopefully someone else will chime in as well.

No connecting suites as far as I know Sorry

That is correct, the suites are set up as suites and there are no connecting suites. You can ask for adjoining suites (next to each other) but there are none with connecting doors. I don’t even think Little Mermaid section has connecting rooms.

Thanks for the info everyone. Follow-up question: If we can only do adjoining rooms, can the adults in the other room be given access to our room on their MagicBands?

I don’t think so. Disney seems to have a hard enough time getting bands to consistently work on one room, multiple rooms would probably render the entire system unusable.

I don’t think you can have access to two rooms on a magic band, but they should be able to give you key cards to each room and you can distribute them as needed.