Arriving Late to Reservation

Has it happened to you? What happens if you get there 5-10 minutes late? It hasn’t happened to me before but just wondering.

Not a problem for a dining reservation. Now if you were an hour late, that would be a different story. :wink:

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Thanks @Agent_C, we are travelling with a toddler and I’m a little worried, LOL

I’ve also been 10 mins or so late to a reservation a few times and it has never been a problem. Sometimes it’s hard to gather the troops together and get them anywhere on time!

I have never had a problem arriving a few minutes late. I have also been seated an hour late, but I did call the reservations number to let them know that we were having transportation issues.

We have 35 minutes to leave Candlelight Processional and check in at Crystal Palace on Christmas day. I’m glad to hear they can be flexible. Hopefully, we can be close enough to still get in.

I would suggest you try to change this somehow. 15 minutes is the average time they will hold for you and I doubt you will get from epcot to MK in under 90 mins at xmas. Its nuts and MK can reach capacity with phased closures.

In my experience, (and in the experience of others in a recent podcast I was listening to,) as long as you have a reservation on the books, you’ll be seated. They will not dismiss your reservation after 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or even an hour. You’ll just check in at the restaurant, and then wait to be seated at the next available table for your party size.

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I have been trying but having no luck. It’s in the adr finder, so hopefully one will pop up. I’m not worried about the park closing bc we are resort guests, are hopping, and have an adr later in the night as well at Plaza, so it’s very, very likely we will get in the park. Still, extra time would be grand, except that we would then miss Wishes.

I would fear that they would charge you a no show fee before you could arrive.

On the other had we had friends who went down and had to wait 45 minutes. Our friend - who was polite but firm about it said to the manager "We had to make these reservations 180 days ago. So for the last 180 days you KNEW we were coming - you knew everyone else was coming, and yet when we arrived it seemed to be news to you. What are you going to do to make up for the fact that we are now late to ride reservations that we also had to make 60 days ago? The guy ended up giving them fast passes.

I FULLY agree with this attitude - if I am mandated to make reservations and in some instances PRE-ORDER my food well in advance - it is very reasonable to expect that things run on time and be accommodated if WDW doesn’t live up to their side of the bargain (which we all know WDW isn’t a bargain by any stretch)


I’ve often waited 45 minutes (chef Mickey’s every time) and an hour (Ohana). Seems like they could wait for me once, but I know they aren’t obligated. :smile:

Right now they only charge the no show fee at the end of the day…if you haven’t shown up.

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Really? I had never heard that before- you learn something new here every day! Thanks!

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So here is a question Say I have a reservation for 4/15 at Tony’s Tavern for dinner at 6PM. On 4/15, we are able to do a walk up to BE OUR GUEST at 5:30. What happens to my 6PM at Tony’s - Do I get charged for a now show? Do I reschedule my Tony’s Tavern out more than 24 hours and then cancel it - How do you deal with meal changes within the 24 hour cancellation window? I have purposefully not done too many reservations as we are trying to be a bit looser this time around.


You may be able to do this, but I would not count on it.