Arriving late to AK on EMH day. Can it be done?

Realized our second AK day I had planned to arrive late is an EMH day! I know the general advice is that if you can’t RD don’t bother because the crowds are crazy and you’ll be miserable. My issue is that the night before we are doing MNSSHP and thats a late night. We are NOT morning people so I was really hoping for a sleep in the next day and arrive at AK around 10am. Aren’t most of the crazy crowds drawn to Pandora? If we avoid Pandora til later in the day would it be do-able? My original plan was to have a FP for the safari in the am right after we arrive around 10am. Then FP for Kali River Rapids around 11:30 and Finally a FP for FoP in Pandora around 12:30-1pm. Leaving park around 2pm for late Lunch @ Sanaa. Am I insane?

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If all you are going to do is use your three FP and then head out, it’s do-able. Crowds may be oppressive but you can move through them. Getting FP for FoP at the the time you want may be a challenge.

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Insane? No. This will be your second day, so I would highly recommend taking care of Pandora on your first day. The real challenge will be the FoP FPP. Either day that you can get one, you’ll probably have to build the rest of the day around it Not sure of what the CL is for the day you’re planning, but if it’s a 9 or 10 the park will be claustrophobically crowded. I would imagine (although I haven’t been since Pandora opened) that by 10:00, the hoards of people who spent the AM in Pandora will be starting to fill in the rest of the park, but with FPPs in hand, you should be fine with lines.

Thanks for the reply. We plan to hit Pandora on day 1 of our trip (CL 3!) I’m thinking our second AK day(CL 6) will be my best bet for a FP for FoP as its latest in my trip. I’m also going to try to get one for our first AK but thats day 1 of our trip so less chance, right? That’s why I’m going for FoP on this day, but your right, any FP I get will be the main event of that day.