Arriving late for FPP time?

I know there is a grace period of 15 min for every FPP hour window. I also have read that the CM has an “admit” button they can press to override the dreaded blue light (indicating FPP denied). How late have you arrived and still been let in for your FPP? Is it simply a matter of the CM, their mood, and/or your level of charm?

More than charm I do honestly believe it’s your level of kindness toward the CM. I arrived about 30 minutes after because my DM was feeling funky and I had to go to the front of the park for a wheelchair…
I wouldn’t count on that ever though. If you get a CM who’s a stickler for rules or who’s had a bad day or a supervisor setting a good example you are lost.
Don’t risk it ever amiga!


There is an override button and I’ve been admitted earlier and later that the official grace period (where Mickey still turns green). There are some places where I haven’t even bothered to ask, but have seen/heard others denied, so I wouldn’t expect much leeway at 7DMT, FoP, or any really busy attraction. However, other places tend to be more forgiving if you ask politely (and understand if they can’t let you in). More often than not, CMs have been kind to me and granted reasonable requests that I’ve made.


We have been admitted up to 5 minutes past the grace period, but honestly I haven’t had the nerve to try after that.


The only time we’ve ever been late (as in, more than the grace period) for a FP was at 7DMT last November. We got there about 30 minutes after the official return time ended (we had issues with the water supply at Copper Creek and had to wait for someone to come and sort it out). The CM just waved us through and said being late wasn’t a problem. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all the feedback! (Just thinking about scheduling FPP for arrival day, when we might be late if flight delays, etc.)