Arriving at WDW 5/27. FP for Pandora?

Hi all! My party of 8 arrives at WDW on 5/27. I get to make FP reservations in about 10 days. We plan to go to AK on 5/30. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether I will be able to make FP reservations for the Pandora rides? How has Disney done FP reservations in the past when new rides open? I’d love to get your thoughts!

Pandora opens 3 days before your AK day, so monitor what is going on with fastpasses 3 days prior to your fastpass window opening. And, of course, watch for articles on Touring Plans as I am sure they are going to monitor and study this as well.

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There has been absolutely no leaked info regarding FPPs for Pandora. There are many rumors that AK may go to a tiered FPP system like EP and DHS, and a lot of conjecture as to what might be tier 1 or tier 2 if this does happen, but no actual “facts”. FEA DID have FPPs right from day one; I don’t remember if 7DMT did or didn’t. Best advice I can give is to keep tuned in here, on Lines, and on TP in general.


@Jennyk40 - Last year, on 5/20 they announced that FEA would open 6/21 and FPP booking would start 5/21. That’s just one day’s notice that FPP could be booked for something opening in 30 days. And that ride was a redo of an existing ride, not something new, plus it had lots of breakdowns in the early weeks. I think their computer system crashed as everyone tried to all make FPP at once. I hope they learned a lot from that.


This unknown FP information at AK is driving me crazy!!! I am planning for 14 people a week and a half after Pandora opens. My FP booking window opens in 2 weeks! I hope they announce something soon.

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Same here. Arriving on May 25 and trying to schedule an afternoon and night at Animal Kingdom on the 30th, and a morning at AK June 2. Doing this in order to split my FPs and basically give me 6 for AK. The other half days we are doing recreational activities. I think this is the best way to attack this monster, but i wish they would give out some info on when FPs will be available. In general does anybody know at what time of day does your 60 day window open. Is it on midnight EST? thanks

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Just got this email from WDW Prep…

Two bits of big news related to Pandora attractions…

1.) FastPass+ reservations for Pandora attractions will open tomorrow for on-site guests!

If you’re going in June, you still have a bit of time to prepare for this, but be thinking about what you want to do when your FastPass+ window opens up.

Here’s what Disney published:
“Guests staying at Walt Disney Resort hotels can reserve Disney FastPass+ selections for attractions, including those in Pandora – The World of Avatar, up to 60 days prior to check-in beginning March 24, 2017. Disney FastPass+ service will be available at the two attractions within Pandora – The World of Avatar during regular Theme Park hours. Guests may select only one of these two attractions in their first set of Disney FastPass+ selections, subject to availability.”

It says you will need to choose between the Flight of Passage attraction (44" height requirement, more of a thriller ride) or Na’vi River Journey (family-friendly boat ride). I think Flight of Passage will be in higher demand since thrillers always are, so that would be my top pick.

2.) Extra Magic Hours will be available for awhile just for Pandora attractions.

Here’s what Disney said:
"For a limited time, May 27-July 4, 2017, Guests staying at Walt Disney World® Resort hotels can explore Pandora – The World of Avatar beyond regular Park hours.

Nightly Extra Magic Hours will take place from 11 p.m.-1 a.m. only in Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park. This offering will provide Guests with an additional opportunity to enjoy everything Pandora – The World of Avatar has to offer – including navigating a mystical river, flying on a back of a banshee and walking under floating mountains. Please note valid Theme Park admission and a Resort ID are required."
I’ll keep you posted if/when more info becomes available.

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