Arriving at Magic Kingdom from an All-Star Resort

Quick question/request for advice.

We will be staying at All-Star Music for my girl’s (8 and 6) first trip.
When I grew up in SW FL, we were able to make a Disney trip ever summer…but we never stayed on-site.

One of the key experiences I remember was the trip to and from the TTC to the MK (monorail and Ferry Boat).

However, if I remember correctly, the resort buses go directly to the parks and don’t go to the TTC.

It’s a small thing, of course…but is the only option to ride the ferry/monorail to drive to the TTC from All-Star Music?

Are the conveniences of the buses enough to outweigh the monorail/ferry experience?
Just looking for some opinions. (I haven’t been since 2010).

(Also, for this trip, we are only planning on doing MK (2 days) and AK (1 day)…but we do have a day of rest where we have already set a character breakfast at one of the resorts… one option I was weighing was using that rest day/character breakfast as a chance to sample some of the Transportation other than the buses)

Thanks all!

Yes, the buses go directly to the park - not to the TTC. We stayed at ASMo last December and took the bus one morning (there are now bus ETA’s in MDX once you’re on site) and the next day took a taxi to the TTC (which was unintended but I forgot only the minivans can drop off directly at MK).

We were trying to make a PPO ADR at BOG so I was quite annoyed to mixup the transportation and end up at the TTC but it all worked out. If you plan for it, it’s fine.

We did spend a rest day doing the monorail loop. Somewhat unsuccessfully due to terrible weather that took the monorail out of commission for awhile.


ALL STAR MUSIC (via bus) -> EPCOT (via monorail) -> TTC (via Ferry) -> MK

Not the most efficient but it get’s you a monorail and ferry ride.