Arrive to airport night before WDW & DME reservation. will DME take my yellow tagged luggage?

We arrive the night before our reservations. Stay at airport hotel. Our ME reservations are for the next AM on a “false” flight arranged by DVC owner. We are hoping to leave our luggage at the DME terminal to be taken to our resort the morning after our REAL arrival and take an uber to WDW resort.
Will this work? Anyone done this?

This is risky.

Firstly, what time are you arriving? The DME luggage service stops at 10pm, after that you need to collect them yourself.

Assuming you arrive before 10pm, secondly I don’t know what will happen when your luggage is collected but you don’t have a reservation that night.

At some point clearly they will check, so they can deliver it to your room. If that is done at the airport, your bags may just be left there. If it’s done at the resort, it will show you not having a reservation.

I don’t know how they will handle it. Would they see you are checking in the next day and keep it for you, albeit with a stern warning the next day? Or would they return it to the airport? In which case you would have to go back to MCO to collect it yourself.

And the problem is, because you’re renting points, you can’t phone and ask. Member Services won’t speak to you about the reservation until you check in. You could try the general Disney Guest Services number. I suspect they will say “No”.

To my mind, this is way too risky. Why not just collect it yourself? That way you know you have your bags and can check it with Bell Services when you arrive, if you want to head straight to the parks.


We had a situation where we had to change our flight last minute due to a winter storm in Dec, 2016. We arrived about 11pm and we were able to wait til after midnight and then we could get on the Magical express and they took us to the resort. We could have waited either at the airport or even in the lobby of the resort but we were able to get a real good discount on a room for just the one night.

How does that impact the OPs question though? So you went to Disney and booked a room for that night? OP isn’t doing that.

I believe @snellen was asking about dropping off his/her luggage the morning of their “false” flight, not trying to drop it off after their real flight which would be the night before their reservation starts. As far as I know, DME-tagged luggage is collected before it ever reaches baggage claim so @snellen would not be able to do what he/she is wanting to do. I agree, just collect the bags yourself.

I hope that you will excuse me for jumping into this thread. I have a package reservation made through WDW’s UK site at AKL. I have hired car from my arrival date, so will not be using DME. My DD25 will already be in the U.S. and will get an internal US flight to MCO and as a treat I have made a room only reservation at AKL using Priceline, for two days prior to my arrival, so that she can relax and have some quality time on her own. Will my DD be able to use the DME from MCO to AKL? If so, do I/does she need to do anything to organise this?

She will. Someone should call Disney ahead to make sure that DME service is added to her AKL reservation and Day of Arrival.


Thank you.

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Can you just retrieve your own luggage and take it with you on your UBER trip?

Ah, yes. Re-read it. In which case, there is no way to do what they want to do.

The bags with yellow tags get collected before they come through to the carousel.

If you are bringing your luggage to DME then you will need to be on DME to have it get off at the resort with you. Our flight arrived too early for us to be able to use the luggage service and so had it with us on DME. If we ourselves had not been on the bus, no one would’ve taken it off the bus when it stopped at our resort. If the DME has already been arranged, any reason why you are Ubering instead?

We had the exact situation described in the OP in December (arrived 10:30pm, fake flight for 6:00am DME the next morning) and just decided to take our bags with us to the room. It stunk, but thankfully we had gotten a room at the MCO Hyatt, so we didn’t have to take them all the way off airport. Every CM we talked to at Disney said that we couldn’t send our bags ahead to the resort and they didn’t really know what would happen to them if we tried.

I messed up, misread it.

Me too! Must have been something in the air that night :joy: