Arrival timings

Wary of burning the candle at both ends, we’re not planning on rope-dropping. Our planned arrival times at the parks is based on our first appointment – either an FPP or an ADR.

So we’re typically planning on arriving at the car parks between 9am and 10am. I’ve scheduled 45 minutes to get from the car to the first ride or restaurant reservation of the day, except MK where I’ve allowed an hour.

Does that sound about right?

Are there times to avoid arriving (on 9am opening days) when there are likely to be long delays in getting in because of huge queues? We’re going in just under three weeks.

Your timing seems right. Magic Kingdom will require the most time.

We RD’d and took mid-day breaks as suggested and we were so glad we did. You can get so much done in MK the first hour with no wait it is worth getting there early. By 11am we had 8 attractions complete with no wait. Don’t underestimate the productivity and time saving of RD. My family is so sold on this touring style now.

On our last day at MK we decided to arrive a bit latter as we had completed all attractions the previous 2 MK days and it was a “favourites” day. It was a gong show. 30 minutes later arrival equated an eternity to enter the park. This was parking at 830 wait for tram, long wait at security and then stuffed into ferry or monorail, and more wait at tapstiles. We entered main street a good hour after arriving at the lot. This was a CL 7 day.

Arriving an hour/45 before RD at MK is a big advantage. I would think the higher volume arrival crowds would be consistent through at least 1030. I would consider RD MK days at least and more leisurely mornings at other parks.

As for the other parks RD might not be as important and less hassle getting in the gates than MK, however it will be busy for the first hour or so at the trams at all parks. If you have any desire to ride FOP at AK and don’t have a FP then at tapstiles 1hour pre RD is required.