Arrival times for shows

In this final run up to my trip I’ve started micro planning my days. I’ve got a few shows down in the schedule and I’m wondering how early people tend to arrive for them.

IllumiNations (if I have an FPP)
ROL (with dining package)
Indiana Jones
Fantasmic (with FPP)

Illuminations - FPP is irritating because people line up in the FPP line about an hour ahead. You won’t have a bad spot if you don’t line up an hour ahead, but it’s irritating that people do that.

ROL we have arrived within 20 mins with dining plan

Frozen - we have arrived within 5 minutes of start time and been able to get in to the theatre

BATB - huge space, no bad seats, can arrive within 5 minutes if you like

Indiana Jones - no idea

Fantasmic - never did it with FPP. Arrived about 45 before showtime without.

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Fantasmic with the Dining Package is similar to an FP I think. We were told to arrive 30 minutes before.

Indy - 20-30 minutes should be OK unless it’s really busy. The line is a long switch-back so can be an anxious wait as they will only open up 15 minutes before. I used an FP the last couple of visits (NY and summer).

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Agree with previous postings. I can help with Indy - especially if you want to be in the show. To be in the show you need to get there at least 30 - 40 minutes early so you can get down to the front of the theater. The minute the host shows up and starts talking be ready to raise your hand & stand up! I’ve been selected the last two times. (You do see less of the show by being in it, but it’s a whole unique experience)

To watch the show you only need to be there 15 minutes before the start. I have walked into the theater 5 minutes before the show and still gotten an “ok” seat - depending on CL.

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We got there 30 minutes before with ROL dining and got first row seats. A few minutes later and the first few rows were taken. So you’ll still get a good seat 15-20 minutes before.

We got seats 5 minutes before Indiana Jones but they were really bad. Bad being 2nd row all the way in the left corner. We couldn’t seen much of the right side of the stage. Kids want to see the show again, the next time we go.

We got to Frozen too early and ended up all the way at the end of the row (left side). 15 minutes before our FP. If you trying for middle of the rows I’d say how up right before FP line closes. Not sure when that is how.