Arrival time on EMH days

During Easter (spring break weeks) is it still worth getting to the parks 30-60mins ahead of the opening time if a) you don’t have EMH and b) you have FPP for the first 15-30mins the park is open after EMH. Any thoughts people have would be most welcome. Thanks

Going to a park with AM EMH when you can’t use it is never ideal, but I think it’s your only option for the MK during Easter week… Yes, it is still beneficial to be there early for “regular” RD. Granted, all of the EMHers will already be in the park, but it doesn’t hurt to be at the head of the second wave going in. But I will admit that this is more of a “textbook” answer than one from personal experience; I’ve never gone to a park with AM EMH and not used the EMH, and I’ve never made an FPP during the first 3 hours that a park is open…

I too am curious about what time day guests should plan to arrive during EMH days at MK, specifically in the week leading up to Easter. I’ve read advice about avoiding EMH parks if you can’t take advantage of EMH, but that’s not an option for our visit.

I’m guessing we should be at the gates by 7am for the 8am regular opening but have no experience to base that on. Would love to hear advice from folks who have done this before. Thanks! Excited about our second ever visit to WDW.

We did Easter 2013 offsite when Mk opened at 7 every morning. We did 2 mornings We Parked up by 6.45 both mornings. Went to ttc. First morning we were let on monorail at 7.15 and were in park by 7.40. We wandered and waited at the hub for the rope drop to Adventure/ frontier land at 8.00 so we entered that side of the park at the same time as the emh guests so emh had no advantage on us that morning. Our second morning we were held at ttc until after 7.30 which is what I think is supposed to happen. Took the boat and still on mainstreet by 7.55. Headed through the castle met Fairy Godmother then hit EtwB and Mermaid ride and airiel M&G by 8.45. No 7 Dwarf ride then. Next easter will do similar . Hints FPP will be made for after 11 until then queues were minimal. Doing tomorrow land about 9.30 is good as emh guests have moved on . Hope this helps.

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