Arrival time for offsite guest?

It is so disorienting to be in this part of the board!

Anyway we are 61 days our from our trip and DH will start building his touring plan for the three of them soon.

I am wondering what time I should tell him he needs to arrive at the parking entrance. He will be an offsite guest and driving from WDW.

Thank you!

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The garages open an hour before park opening these days. (When they had Early Entry with their “partner” hotel promotions it was even earlier)

Just like WDW, the earlier you get there the better. IMHO - the bag check / screening is 1000x easier / quicker as it’s all done with X-ray instead of a guy with a stick.

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So for 0900 open he should arrive at garage by 0800?

Yeah… You could even get there a few minutes earlier to get in line for the garages. (If you’re a crazy “gotta get there for the start of RD” person - like myself)

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