Arrival Time at Parks staying off Property with EMH every day

We are staying off property Sept 2-4 2019 then moving on property Sept 5-8 2019. How early should we get to the parks on the off property days (visiting AK and MK) when EMH is everyday?

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I would plan to arrive at taps minimum of 15-30 mins ahead of day guest opening time. Add additional time for parking (and at MK ferry or monorail) to determine your arrival at parking lot time. At MK I would figure additional 30 mins minimum (so driving into lot about 45mins to 1 hr ahead of day guest opening; at the others I would add 15 additional (so driving into lot 30-45 mins ahead)


Thank you for the advice. The EMH everyday for those staying off property is a new wrinkle for the plan to make it to rope drop.

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