Arrival time at DS

To get on Rise now after the holidays, is the current thinking to show up 1 hour before park opening?

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I’d get there even earlier…

Here is a picture of the wait outside DHS today at 1 hour 15 minutes before park opening…


Now once they open they gates ppl are getting into the park at a good pace. He’s a pic from outside SW:GE today at RD.


Here is the end of the RD crowd today:

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There are more people in that line than live in my state.
I’m having panic attacks just looking at it.


Pretty much my exact thoughts. That makes me even more nervous about getting a BG. Thanks for sharing @darkmite2.


That is crazy! We are going early March and I’m nervous about getting a BG. But, assuming we get there early, get a BG, is it better to RD something other than Galaxy’s Edge? (We have a FP for MFSR)

My husband is a huge Star Wars fan, but I’m wondering when SWGE will be less crowded just for wandering around? Morning, afternoon or evening?

If you don’t have to go into SW:GE in the morning / RD I’d avoid it. Some ppl have reservations at Savi’s / Oga’s / Droid Depot and need to be there.

I’d go down Sunset Blvd. to ToT / RnR. The majority of ppl are going to SW:GE and / or TSL. Going down Sunset Blvd avoids like 90% of people at RD.

The later in the day you go the better. Plus, SW:GE looks stunning at night!

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Thanks! I’m thinking we’ll RD TOT. That is one of my favorite rides of all time!


Can someone translate these pictures into a map? I’m wondering where we are allowed to walk before RD? It looks like the crowd is right at the tunnel to GE, all the way back to where? Star Tours? Backlot Express?
If not going that way, where are we allowed to go? Last time we went, we were held in Hollywood Blvd until RD. It was crowded and uncomfortable. If we can go much further now, that would be great.

Gotta say…these pictures make me want to just forgo Hollywood Studios entirely…or, in the very least, skip RD (and ROTR). I hate crowds worse than I had lines. And those crowds remind me of our one time going during the Christmas/New Years holiday as well as going during F&W at Epcot in 2016 on a Saturday…both situations I despised.

I’m questioning if getting up super early just for the sake of one single ride is worth it…especially when there is a group of 7 of us!


I really want to ride ROTR but if the crowd’s like the in May we might just focus on TSL and skip GE this trip. That crowd is crazy and I can only imagine my husband and daughter being miserable.

This is where you / wait for SW:GE at RD. The black arrow is from where the end of the line pic was taken from yesterday. You can also head towards TSL and be held outside that Land

Thank you! That helps a lot. I assume TSL is held around the 50/51 bubble on your map? And Sunset Blvd?

We’re not planning to need to RD anything, so just looking at where to hunker down away from the crowds.
Also wondering how MMRR will impact this… but I’m sure no one knows that yet.

I thought everyone was held in the main area near the Chinese Theater and along Hollywood Blvd… Has that changed? Can you now enter the parks and proceed further in? If we plan to head to, say, RnRC first, then would we be held at (2), or are we allowed to proceed up Sunset Blvd part of the way? It seems like if we’re held at (2), that we’d be blocking the pathway for those who want to do TSL or SWGE first.

Yeah… still no announcements. The FPP queues are covered up like they did at the opening of SW:GE rides. I doubt there will be FPP on opening day (just my speculation) Another rumor is MMRR will be another BG / Virtual Queue situation

This is subject to crowds. Yesterday, as pictured, it was needed. DHS is really trying to stop opening early because it encourages too many people to show up be RD fearing not getting a BG. DHS has been reducing the number of guaranteed BGs being offered this week. idk if that’s in response to crowd control, ride operation / break downs or a larger number of ppl being admitted into each BG

You are allowed to go down Sunset to about (61) “Once Upon a Time” - Kinda like you are held outside Tomorrowland at MK.

RD at DHS is a constant state of flux with all the RotR madness. IMHO - It looks like they did EEMH about 3 - 4 months too early. When it didn’t work then they are too afraid to reinstate it now.

I wouldn’t bother getting there too early. Like I said in another post, all you need is to be past the tapstiles before opening which this week they changed to 8:00 so you don’t have to get up all that early. They may change those hours though if they’re expecting bigger crowds.

Then get attempt to get a BG or BBG then leave the park and hopefully come back when your group is up. Assuming you have park hoppers of course.