Arrival day

We have a pirate room at CBR booked for our arrival day. We have two boys ages 2 and 6. We like the vibe of the resort, particularly after the renovations. The pool complex looks great and we like the looks of the food options. We know the pirate rooms are over all the way in Timbuktu, but we’re only going to be there one night. We will be transferring to WL the next day. Are we making the right choice if we’re going with a moderate or would you choose differently? There are some deluxe studio options for around $100 more at Beach Club, AK and WL that could work as well. We really like pool areas that have the kids splash play area and CBR fits that. Although Stormalong Bay is a great pool complex, there’s no splash play area, same thing at AK. Any other things you guys would factor in? Thank you!

There is a splash area at Kidani, and the pool area is great.

But if it’s just one night I would just stick with CBR.

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The kids splash area at CBR is pretty darn good. We stayed there with a 3 & 5 yr old and they didn’t want to come out of it. If there is a high ticket item for your family, your in a good spot.

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I’d keep it CBR. It sounds awesome since the refurb.

Seems the pirate room and pool option would be awesome for your boys.

If you want to change and need us to encourage you, we can do that too.